Info About My New Blog

Things have been going well over at In The Arms of Mother Earth. I created a new button for the blog today. I would love if you guys would grab it and put it up on your blogs! And guess what! I've got the button exchange working (well sort of... I can't seem to make the scrolling html work) so that means I've not lost any of your buttons either! I'll be stopping by everyone's blogs soon so I can leave the link to my new blog with you guys. I really hope to see all you guys in the new place! Oh and I really hope everyone had a blessed Yule! Brightest blessings to you all!

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Oh my lovely readers... How I'm going to miss you so! I love this blog so much, but lately it's been feeling like I'm having to force myself to even think about writing here. I feel like so much has happened since the creation of this blog, and when I look over the things I normally write here, I realize I'm a very different person now. So, here's the deal ... one last confession before I leave, I am moving to a different blog, starting fresh and new. I would be so happy if you would come with me! I will be leaving this blog up, because I feel like, in the past, I wrote some pretty good things. Check out some of my personally written meditations, and you'll see why I say that :D, plus I love this blog too much to just delete it forever. I would love to have it to come back to every now and then, maybe not to write, but at least to look over the past.

You may have noticed that there is no title to this post. I have no idea what to put as the title. However, I know I do not mean that as a good bye. I will be heart broken if my dear friends do not follow me to my new blog! Of course, I understand that as things change, and new things begin, sometimes others aren't on the same page, and that is totally fine. I will not be mad if I am no longer your cup of tea, nor will my feelings be hurt. I am hoping you guys don't get mad at me for this sudden announcement. So, without further adieu, let me introduce you to the new blog! In The Arms of Mother Earth will be my new bloggy home! I really hope to see you guys there! The door is open, and a tea and coffee pot are waiting just for you, with comfy chairs sat by the lovely fireplace!


On Beauty & Makeup

Well, today I'm feeling a bit better from my bronchitis, and I decided I would work on laundry, and put a little makeup on to see if that would help me feel better (because oddly it does sometimes). So I put on clean clothes, gather up all of my dirty stuff, which meant going out to my little brother's car shop to get stuff that has been packed up since my move, and I bring everything back inside the house to start a load ... Sounds easy right? Nope, with bronchitis. I've lost my strength and lugging that stuff from the shop to the house which is only a few feet away was like carrying a baby elephant! Then I start my first load of laundry, sit down for a bit to catch my breath, and then remember I wanted to put on makeup.

The last time I saw my makeup it was in the front seat of my truck while I was finishing up those last couple of days at school. I go out to my truck, rearrange things so I can see the spot the makeup had been the last time I saw it and ... NOTHING! My big box o makeup was gone. I'm saddened by this fact because while I don't wear makeup on a daily basis, and don't believe that I absolutely have to have makeup on to leave the house, I enjoyed the fact that if I wanted to put on makeup I could. I also had well over $2,000 worth of makeup packed in one caboodles box. If a certain makeup style struck my fancy, I had the makeup to do it.

Sadly, some of the products cannot be replaced. One of my favorite eyeshadow colors was called Confident and I bought it from etsy at a shop called I Touch Roses. The owner of the shop has Morgelloan's Disease and has been sick. She's not available for me to reorder. I'm not complaining about that. I hope that she gets to feeling better and is able to do the things she wants to do. However, it does suck having to find new makeup, and new makeup creators? Is that what you call them? I've found one shop with some really cool colors out of Canada called Crush Cosmetics. They seem to be fairly new, but their colors are so fun and awesome.

I love doing all kinds of makeup trends, my absolute favorite being my version of a fallen angel which is eyes rimmed in black including water lines, black in the corners like you would do for a smokey eye, and pink on the inside (where you would put grey or white for the smokey). While black is easy to come by (and I still have 1 black eyeliner because for some odd reason I decided to buy a black eyeliner the other night), the pink that I loved to use for that look was another I Touch Roses product. I also like to do soft, natural looks, and bright in your face looks, classic looks like brown eyeliner with bright red lipstick.

Anyway, the reason I am babbling on and on about this is because I need your help my friends. No I am not asking you to help me replace my makeup. I am asking you, my dear beautiful readers, to tell me who your favorite makeup providers are. Are they on etsy? Share the link. Are they a more professional brand like MAC? I love MAC! Tell me about your favorite colors through them. Help me find a provider that I will love my friends!