Beautiful Paintings

Recently I was searching the web for inspiration. I'm having a little bit of writers block, trying to find something to write about on here. I came across an artist's website that I just love. He does some of the most beautiful paintings. The painting to the left is one of his.

The artist's name is Howard David Johnson. He doesn't do just fairy paintings, there are some of our beloved Goddesses as well. Persephone, Athene, and many more. There are sections for Greek, Norse, and Celtic Mythology and an area called Women In Mythology. His website is definitely a place to be looked over if you like things like this. I know I fell in love with it. Check out his website: www.howarddavidjohnson.com.

My only disappointment is that he has no images of Aphrodite. I was looking for images of my patroness when I ran across this website. He does have an image he calls "Aphrodite's Child," and while it is a beautiful painting it doesn't fit my personal image of Aphrodite. Eventually I am sure I will find an image that I perceive as Aphrodite and although it may be someone else's idea of a different Goddess it will be right for me and I will share it here.

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