About Me

Hi! I am Willow Silverhorse, also known as Amber Hagy. I am 23, and I'm Pagan. I live in a tiny town about an hour west of Lubbock, Tx. I will soon be a licensed nail technician. I love my family, I love to write, and right now I am currently trying to reconnect with my beliefs and Mother Nature. I am a pit bull advocate and have a year old pit bull named Princess aka Fatty. I'm constantly having to remind people that pit bulls aren't the monsters people believe them to be. They are just dogs, and good dogs at that. I go through ups and downs like everyone else, and I share them right here on my blog.

I am of gypsy decent. I am currently dedicating myself to learning about gypsy beliefs, gypsy magick, and anything gypsy related. My family came from Black Dutch descent. I don't know much about that gypsy tribe, but if you know more about them I'm open to you telling me about it! My beliefs, like myself, are constantly evolving. I try to continue to learn about anything that interests me, and there are lots and lots of things out there that interest me! I write my own meditations, and from time to time I share them here. I work with tarot cards, but usually not for others. Something about the tarot keeps me centered and balanced. From time to time I'll talk about my interactions with the tarot, and if you ask, I'll share my interpretation of the cards, but like I said, I work with the tarot to better myself and to center myself so I usually do not do readings for others.

I write another blog, called Whispering Willow. It is a blog dedicated to my fictional writing. I haven't kept up with it the way I wanted to, but soon I plan on starting it up again. Fans of Kara will be happy to hear that, because I plan on continuing her story. I own a 400 sq. ft. house and believe in the tiny house movement. America's fascination with McMansions has gotten out of control, and those McMansions are a contributing factor to the downfall of our planet. That's my belief though, I'm sure someone else would have a different opinion. I believe in doing my best to be eco-friendly. Mother Nature takes care of us, and we have badly abused her. It's time to right that wrong. There are many facets to me, just like everything else in this world. Here at the blog, I try to show the true me.