About The Blog

This blog originally started as a way for me to discuss college life. But now, this blog is more of a diary for me. It was a source of hope for me while my beloved grandmother was sick, a source of healing after her death, and now it is here to keep me on track, and as close to sane as I'll ever get lol. I'll still keep up with fellow blogger's giveaways, there will be some book reviews if I continue to receive review invitations, and I'll continue trying to set up giveaways. This blog was at one time a way for me to find my religious path. It still is, but it is also so much more. I hope that those of you that have been with me thus far will continue to follow my journey, and I also hope that those of you just arriving will enjoy my journey with me. Blessings to you all.

Also, I love doing book reviews. If you would like for me to review a book here at the blog please don't hesitate to contact me through the contact page.