Halloween Cards

I made a few Halloween cards last night. Two of them are already claimed, one is for Jon at Me Vs. College, and another is for Mom. There's a third one that I don't know who I'm going to give it to but it's really cute. I'll probably be making a few more later. Here are the pics.

This one is Mom's card. I had her pick her own background lol. She doesn't know it yet so I hope she doesn't just decide to look at the blog today lol.

This one is Jon's. It's okay if he sees the front of it lol, but he can't read the inside until it gets to him. Jon this one is probably going to be late. I have to find some time to be able to get down to the mechanic shop and get my stamps out of my truck lol. My boyfriend is trying to drive me everywhere since I currently have no vehicle while my truck is in the shop, but since we don't live together and he works different hours than I do it gets complicated lol. But it is coming to you I promise!

This one is the cutest of them all I think. I have no idea who it's going to lol, but I love how this one turned out. Right now it's displayed on my coffee table.

Also, I've been secretly teaching myself how to make blog headers. If you would like to see 3 that I made last night go by my new blog (which was also started last night lol). It's called Willow Silverhorse Designs. I kind of just put it up in a hurry but I'll get it prettified soon lol.


I Have A Question

Ok, as you guys know, the layout that you currently see on my blog is only a temporary costume for Halloween. Once October is over, I want to change it to something that perfectly fits my personality. I've found a layout that I absolutely love. And I mean LOVE. The problem is I'm not too wild about the background of it. Click here to look at it real quick. I don't like the haunted houses on either side of it in the background. Unfortunately the creator just recently decided to stop doing custom layouts or I would ask her if she wouldn't mind just taking the haunted houses off of it. But I thought to myself, it can't be too hard to take one little picture off right? You just have to know where to look in the HTML, right? But I would hate to mess it up because it is so pretty and I know the creator spent a lot of time on it. So my question is this... are there any of you out there that know about this stuff? Can any of you tell me where to go just to take the haunted house image off? If not I might try emailing the creator and begging lol. But if one of you guys knows how to do it I would rather not bother the creator because I know she's busy and I know she puts a lot of hard work into these layouts. So please help me out if you can :D.

The 28th Day of Halloween At Mrs. B's

I'd fallen out of the loop of celebrating the 31 days of Halloween with Mrs. B, but I'm back at it, and she has some awesome giveaways today! The first one is for an absolutely gorgeous vintage witches charm bracelet. I would absolutely love love love to own this bracelet. Check out the giveaway here. The second giveaway is for 10 photo greeting cards from Judy's Photos. I haven't entered this giveaway because I like to make my own cards, but the choices are beautiful and should not be missed! Check it out here.

I'm praying to win this bracelet, and I'm praying that the stamps I won a while back will come in soon. I haven't checked the mail today, but so far I've not seen them... Maybe I'll have to ask Mrs. B about that... Anyway please Goddess, let me win this bracelet! And please help Danni continue to heal, watch over Miss J during her pregnancy and let her have a healthy birth. Watch over all my friends (blogging and the ones here at home) and help them through whatever they may be going through.

How To Make Your Buttons Scroll

Recently Faerie Sage asked me how I make the buttons on my sidebars scroll. I figured I would make this a blog post so everyone can see if they need it lol. Its really simple, use this HTML:

<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="up" height="200" onmouseout="if (this.start) { this.start() }" onmouseover="if (this.stop) { this.stop() }" scrollamount="3" scrolldelay="100">

The height, scroll amount, and scroll delay can all be changed if you like. The scroll amount number will show that number of buttons, and the scroll delay can be changed to make it scroll faster or slower.  If you have buttons that you only have the picture for and not the HTML go to http://photobucket.com and upload the picture to your album there, then grab the HTML for it and put it in your scroll area. I hope this helps everyone! And thanks for the question Faerie Sage! If you guys ever have questions, if I can answer them, I'm more than glad to help out!


I Am Beautiful

Does the title of this post sound conceited to you? Well, read on for more understanding. Bex over at Bex's Hexes is at it again. She's got another great campaign that I am 100% behind. It is called the I Am A Sexy Goddess Campaign. It's all about accepting yourself, lumps, bumps and all, and accepting other women's beauty too. Have you ever seen a skinny little girl, say she's 5'2" and weighs 95 pounds soaking wet, like my dear friend Miss K, and you've thought to yourself "Damn that chick should eat something." I never thought that with Miss K, no I was jealous of Miss K because that skinny little girl could put whatever she wanted in her mouth and never gain a pound, but I was always open with Miss K about that, wishing I could be able to eat like her and be skinny like her, and you know what she used to tell me? This girl was sought after by all the guys at school. It got to the point where the guys would come up to me and act like they were friends with me because they wanted to get close with Miss K, but Miss K's secret was this: She wished she looked like me. Now I've lost about 10 pounds since coming home from school, but when I was at school, at my highest weight, I weighed 248 and I'm 5'7".

Over Christmas break, Miss K wanted to gain weight so she sat at home, ate everything in sight, and didn't do anything but that. She even tried to just sleep after eating so she wouldn't be active in anyway, and guess what... She never gained a pound and she came back to school disappointed because she had wanted to gain weight so badly. What I learned from that experience was that we both needed each other because we both made each other feel good about the way we looked. I thought Miss K was the cutest thing on the planet and she thought I was a sexy mama lol. We had to learn to love our own bodies, and that's what Bex's campaign is all about. Since meeting Miss K, my confidence shot through the roof. It floored me that someone who was obviously so cute and sexy in her own right thought I was sexy and wished she could look like me. But I've learned that we're all made differently and we have to love the skin we're in, so join Bex's campaign, and help yourself love you and all the other women out there!

Witchy Crafts

I'm up late tonight because I've been bitten by the crafty bug. I wasn't able to afford to buy very many Halloween decorations, and at first I was a little depressed because I didn't know how I was going to make this Halloween awesome, until I decided to get craft about it. I want to share a few pics of the things I've made tonight. I hope you guys like them.

This was inspired by some of the awesome ATCs I've seen around the web. It's too big to be an ATC, but I really like it, I think I did quite well for never having made an ATC or anything that looked like an ATC in my life lol. What do you guys think?

I made this garland by printing out some images from The Graphics Fairy. I think it's really cute and for something so simple looking that thing took me over 2 hours to make. But all the time sitting in the floor was worth it because I think it is oh so cute.

This is only part of a display I am making. There is one more picture with the same image in the same colors and I have two more that I printed off in black and white. What I plan on doing with them is kind of like a modern art type thing with one color one and one black and white side by side and then a black and white one under this color one with the other color one beside it. I hope I described that well enough lol... I'll show pics when I get it finished, but for now I'm just going to have to describe it like that for you lol.

And last but definitely not least, my jack-o-lantern. This little guy started out his life as an industrial sized pickle jar from the restaurant I used to waitress at. I brought the jar home but didn't know what I was going to do with it until I came across a craft where someone had made a JOL out of a plastic jar about the same size as mine. I painted it with orange and black glass paint which is dishwasher safe and safe up to 350 degrees. I couldn't find his lid so I just painted the threads around the top green which you can't really see in this pic because I wanted you guys to get a look at him in the dark. Tomorrow I'll get a pic of him in the daylight so you can see him better. His candle is just a $5 battery operated candle from the dollar store.

These aren't my only Halloween decorations. I also have a few other things that I bought because I wanted them for year round. I'll show you guys pics of those tomorrow with the daylight pic of Mr. JOL. So I hope you guys liked my crafts. There will be more coming because I am really enjoying myself with these crafts. Gram and I used to make stuff like this all the time when I was younger but once I got older other things became more important. Now that she's gone doing this kind of makes me feel close with her again. So what are you guys doing for Halloween? What kinds of decorations are y'all using?


An Apron Giveaway!

So today I was moderating my comments while finding graphics to help me with decorating my house for Halloween, and lo and behold, a reader informed me that she was having an apron giveaway, right after I told you guys I wanted an apron lol. Her blog is new, but I think I'm going to like it. Stop over there and check her blog out, and check out her giveaway. Her blog is called Witchy Gumbo. Click here to check it out.


Awesome Giveaway At Me Vs. College

My dear friend Jon over at Me Vs. College is holding a giveaway for a $45 gift certificate from CSN. I personally have entered this giveaway, and I think you guys should too. Check out the giveaway here, and if you haven't read Jon's blog browse through it too, he's so much fun!

For The Love Of Aprons

Hi my friends, I apologize for not being home the past couple of days. I've been rather lazy. I go to work, come home, and don't move from the couch, ever, until I have to go back to work lol. Today I don't have to go in til later so I thought I would take some time to just sit back and update my blog. So, first let me get some business out of the way. Brigit, I am so sorry for not responding quickly to you. That is entirely my fault and I promise it won't happen again. You should be hearing from Jenny soon about your $10 gift certificate to her shop.

Now, I want to talk to you guys about aprons. I love baking and I love cooking, but I've never owned an apron, minus my waitressing half apron, but I have been seeing lots of really cute aprons that I would love to call my own. The only question is, why should I buy them? I've found some absolutely gorgeous aprons, but my question is when would I ever wear them? And would I look like the weirdest person on the planet for wearing them since I am only 22? I mean of course I know the use of an apron, use it in the kitchen when you are cooking and baking to keep from messing up your clothes, but I look at these aprons that I think are oh so gorgeous and I wonder, would I rather get flour and such all over my old worn out t-shirts, or would I rather get flour and such all over these pretty aprons? Let me share with you some pics of some of the aprons I'm talking about.

For Halloween I love these four aprons. And knowing me I would use them year round because I always need a little something to remind me of Halloween throughout the year.

And for year round, I like these aprons. I love the red bird one, it's just so cute. The brown and yellow one at the top is cute, I like how they did the colors, but I'm not sure if I'm really into the pattern. And the middle one I like because it's green lol. I love green. I've had lots of aprons catch my eye just because they are green.

I actually used to loathe the idea of aprons. I always thought they were something grandmas wore and usually all I ever saw were the ugly shapeless aprons (i.e. bbq aprons that your drunk redneck father/uncle/cousin/whatever wore while barbecuing in the backyard). I now have fallen completely in love with aprons and would love to own a million of them. I just wish I knew when and if I would ever actually use them lol. So what are your opinions on aprons? When would you wear them? Do you have a favorite style?


The Winner of Agony's Decay Giveaway and Another Blog Award

Ok, sorry I'm late on announcing the winner of this giveaway. I got a new job and things have been a little crazy. Anyway, the winner of this giveaway is Brigit. Please fill out the winner's form within three days. Also, my friend Bex from Bex's Hexes gave me another blog award! I actually already have the award, but it never hurts to get it again! Thank you so much Bex!

The rules for this one is to accept it, link back to the person who gave it to me and thank them.
Pass it on to 15 other bloggers and contact them.

I would normally pick out 15 bloggers that I think need this, but I think all of my friends deserve this award. If you read my blog and you have a blog of your own, this award is for you! Grab it and have fun with it!


An Unheard of 3 Award Night!

My dear friend Jon from Me Vs. College has honored my little bloggy home with 3, let me say that number again, 3 blog awards! Now, along with the awards comes rules. This society would fall apart (quicker than it already is cough, cough) if we did not have rules. The rules are as follows:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this on to 15 other great bloggers you recently discovered.
4. Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their awards.


Ok, now to share 7 things about myself:

1. I love, love, love animals and I own a horse that currently lives on the ranch.
2. I absolutely love everything about Halloween and one year I did Halloween at Christmas where I had the kids that lived in the trailer park I lived in dress up and trick or treat around the trailer park. Of course I had the parents help me with that lol.
3. I love to cook and bake. Breads and cookies are my specialty.
4. I believe in the healing power of love (and I don't mean just the mushy romantic kind).
5. I absolutely love when it rains and I've even been known to dance in the rain (fully clothed you nasty minded people lol)
6. One of my favorite Witchy movies ever is The Good Witch, and yes it's a Hallmark movie lol.
7. I have an affinity with fire that is very close to a romantic relationship lol.

Now for the 15 bloggers.

1. 1313 WitchWood Drive
2. Can We Have A New Witch Ours Melted Another wonderful blogger from Texas!
3. Cattra's Magickal World
4. Charmed I'm Sure
5. Confessions of a Kitchen Witch
6. Deep Inside My Broomcloset
7. Faerie Sage Kitchen
8. Herbs and Spice and Everything Nice
9. I'm Not Hannah I know I'm Not Hannah from other blogs that she writes for but I just recently found her blog here.
10. Peace, Love and Zombies Gotta support another Texas blogger :D
11. Pixie's Musings - A Look Through An Eclectic Pagan's Life
12. Recipes From The Witch's Kitchen
13. Shaiha's Ramblings
14. The Deepest Well
15. Witchy Godmother's Tea & Tarot

And I'm breaking the rules and adding a couple more blogs that I think deserve these awards. Sue me if you think it's wrong lol.

Zombie Mom's Undead Household Tips and Recipes
Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland
The Year of The Cats
Realm of the Green Witch

So there ya go. I'll be contacting everyone shortly. Have patience there's lots of you lol.


Nydia's Giveaway

Nydia over at Bringing Up Salamanders is doing a giveaway right now. I've lusted after her goddess dolls for a really long time lol. But no worries, if I don't win one, I'll buy a million of them. She'll probably break me financially because I love every single one of her goddesses lol. Her giveaway this go round is for a cute magnetic wheel of the year that she made to help her little witch learn about the wheel of the year. Along with the wheel of the year she is offering one of her lovely goddess dolls.

Her dolls are the cutest things on the planet, and her wheel is amazing. I wish I had as much creativity as Nydia. She's also a very lovely and wise woman who always has great advice :D So stop by and check out her giveaway, her blog, and her Etsy shop. Tell her Willow said hi lol.

Tarot Card of the Day

Okay guys, this post is for A Fanciful Twist's Halloween Party. I'm sorry the post is up late. I meant to get it up last night, but I didn't feel good so not much was accomplished. Anyway, here it is so I hope you enjoy it :D I just want to welcome all the new visitors from A Fanciful Twist and fellow partiers. Your welcome to look over my blog all you like. I've recently changed the name of my bloggy home. It was formerly known as A College Witch's Experiences, and now goes by the name Confessions of a Country Witch. Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy.

My contribution to this party is the tarot card of the day. I finally got my tarot cards back in my possession and since then I've been pulling my own card of the day and recording it in my journal, but for the party I decided to pull a general card that could fit everyone and everyone could enjoy and ponder on their own. The card I pulled is the Knight of Pumpkins from my Halloween Tarot Deck.

The Knight of Pumpkins can represent many things. He could represent a gift of prosperity, fertility, maybe even of comfort. Pumpkins in the deck stand for Pentacles in other decks, which represent Earth. Earth brings about many gifts such as fertility, stability, prosperity, and comfort. This card is a sign of change, something young and new. It could even represent a person, usually a young man or young woman in touch with her masculine side who is levelheaded and steadfast, but might have the tendency to be stubborn and unmoving like the mountains. It could indicate the birth of a child, or it could indicate a change of residency for the better. Whatever the Knight represents to you be sure to accept it with understanding and flexibility.

This is only my interpretation of this card. In Tarot, these cards can take on different meanings depending on what they are trying to say, and no two readers will get the same interpretation from the same card. Yes there are some guidelines you can go by, but it is always best to go by your own intuition when reading tarot cards. I hope you enjoyed my tarot card of the day. May it bring you blessings of prosperity, fertility, stability, comfort, and joy.

Check out the other partiers here.


The Winner of Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup

I finally made it through all of the names, cutting them out, folding them, throwing them in a bowl. I shook up the bowl really good, opened the lid, closed my eyes, and picked a name. The winner is...

eRiN! Please fill out this form. If you are not a follower of my blog I will email you to let you know so you can drop by and fill the form out. Please have the form filled out within 3 days.

Who Says The Goddess Doesn't Answer Prayers?

I won, I won, I won! I wrote a prayer out yesterday in my post for Mrs. B's giveaways and I won the unmounted stamps! So excited! Thank you so much Goddess for this blessing!

And, one of you will have your prayers answered today as well. I will reveal the winner of the Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup Giveaway today! You'll have to give me a little bit of time to do so because A) there are a lot of entries and I'm writing them out by hand then hand picking out, and B) I'm having technical issues with my stupid internet which I have had 2 technicians look at and the third technician that was supposed to show up yesterday never did. So, as soon as it is humanly possible, and as soon as my evil internet allows me to I will be posting the name of the winner. When the winner is announced, I ask that said winner fill out the winner's form which I will provide at the announcement time within 3 days.

You still have time to enter the giveaway from Agony's Decay. But one of the extra entries was entering into this giveaway, so to keep it fair, tell me if you would have entered the makeup giveaway and I will gladly give you the extra entry! Also, don't miss my guest post featured in Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween tomorrow! I'm very excited about that one. The winner for Agony's Decay giveaway will be named on Tuesday and next Saturday I will be the guest blogger at Jon's (Me vs. College).

This Saturday I am participating in A Fanciful Twist's Halloween Party, and next Saturday I am participating in Frosted Petunias Halloween Tea Party. So there's lots going on here, and I'll be looking for at least one more giveaway and I'll figure out something extra special for the 31st so stay tuned my dearies!


The New Blog Name

As most of you guys know, I had a poll on the sidebar for a long time where you could vote for the new name of the blog. Well, the polls closed tonight, and since I have to get up way early tomorrow I decided I wanted to reveal it and the new button tonight. So... Drum roll please...

Oh My Goddess! Some of you guys are going to get mad at me because I went with a name that wasn't even on the polls. After having those available names up for as long as I did I realized I personally didn't like any of them. A brand new name popped into my head at the last minute (while I was looking for buttons for Magick, Magick, Everywhere which is the name that won in the polls) and I found the perfect button for it too and it fits so perfectly. I hope you still love me, and I hope you still read me even though I didn't choose any of the names you guys voted for, but I had to go with what fit me and the blog.

So... The new name for my bloggy home is... Confessions of a Country Witch! Along with the new name the blog will be getting a new Halloween costume as well, which is sort of why I'm revealing the name now because it will take me forever to get the new layout perfect and I want to have it done tonight. Along with a new blog and name comes a new button! So grab this button, which I will put up on the sidebar for all of this month and half of November, so you can update my button on your button exchange. The url will be changing in November to go with the name of the blog but it will stay the same all through October because my lovely bloggy home is participating in several Halloween parties this year and I would hate to throw a wrench into those parties. So... without further ado here is the button. And again I hope you guys like the changes.

14th Day of Halloween Giveaways at Mrs. B's

Mrs. B has 3 giveaways available today. I've entered two of them. One is for these absolutely gorgeous oven mitts that I would die for! I don't have much stuff for my kitchen. I actually own one blue oven mitt and 2 green potholders.... Goddess have compassion and please let Miss Willow win these oven mitts? Check out the mitts here. The next giveaway I entered is for some really cute unmounted stamps. I checked out the shop these come from and I absolutely want all of them lol. Check out the ones being given away here. And now for a little prayer:

Goddess, Willow has seen many things she has lusted after in all of Mrs. B's giveaways. Please have mercy and let her win just one thing this season. Also, please speed up the process my school apparently has to go through to give me my money back. Bills are piling up and if the money isn't here by the 20th Willow has to do without water and electricity. Please help the people processing it to be on top of their game and get through things as speedily as possible. Bless my family, friends, and readers and most especially bless Danni that her eye might get better soon. Keep a watchful eye on Granddad and make sure he is alright. And also please help me get a job at the hotel so I can be a normal person with a job.

I pray for all you guys, and I hope no one was offended when I mentioned specific people. If your in need of prayer, let me know, I'll pray for you too! Also, the new name for the blog will be revealed tomorrow! So keep voting. The winner of the Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup Giveaway will be revealed tomorrow as well! Then on Saturday I am participating in A Fanciful Twist's Halloween Party, and on Sunday I am the guest blogger at Mrs. B's!


Cleansing While You Clean

I've recently looked back over most of my posts and realized I haven't really been offering anything of substance lol. So I thought I would share a little cleansing technique I use when I clean and cleanse my house. First though, let me do a little blog advertising lol. There is still a little bit of time to enter the giveaways. There are 2 more days to enter the Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup Giveaway, and there is exactly 6 days left to enter the Agony's Decay Giveaway. There were a couple of late entries to the blog party so you may want to check all the links on the sidebar again, in case you missed someone because there were amazing posts this year. Next year things will be a bit more organized than they were this year. Also, I won't be taking the book swap down until the end of this month so there's still lots and lots of time to participate in the book swap, just go to the book swap page here on the blog and let us know if you have any books you would like to trade. Grab the button for the book swap for your blog to let your friends know as well. For those of you that participated in the blog party, please check all the comments at each blog for one extra entry for both giveaways.

Now, on to my post! This time of year is the perfect time to do a new year cleansing of your house. Samhain is our new year and the best way to ring in the new year is to clear out all the negativity and start new. So I spent all day yesterday physically cleaning my home, because clutter and messes collect negativity like your tv collects dust. While sweeping I visualized sweeping out all negativity, while dusting I visualized dusting away accumulated negativity, and while scrubbing down my kitchen I visualized scrubbing away and stuck on negativity. Then, after the house was sparkling clean, I lit lavender incense and let it spread throughout the house. As it spread I said. "As the scent of lavender spreads it neutralizes all negativity and replaces it with harmony, balance, and love." My house now feels absolutely amazing. Try cleansing your home too. Remember it's the new year, out with the old, in with the new!

Inspiring Witches Halloween Blog Party

Welcome, welcome, everyone. Please pull up a chair and enjoy the party! I'm so excited to be hosting my first ever blog party. I think I will host another one soon so keep a look out for a button for another blog party! There are several wonderful blogs partying with me so hop on your brooms and check out everyone's contributions. You can find the links to the blogs that are participating on my sidebar. This blog party is to honor those witches that inspire us, whether they are real life witches or fictional witches, it doesn't matter, as long as they inspired you.

My contribution is dedicated to 2 real life witches and 1 fictional witch. Many of you know that I was very close with my grandma. She was one of the best kitchen witches I've ever met. I would watch her work in the kitchen and create meals out of almost nothing. Those meals almost always made everything better. She could heal, inspire, and comfort you with her food. She also had amazing intuition. She knew when any of us kids were upset, she knew when we were going to call or come home, and she always knew when something was wrong. She could move mountains when she prayed for people (not literal mountains, but you get what I'm saying), she made things happen just by thinking about them, and she could always make things better. She inspired me to become the green kitchen witch I am today. While I still have many things to learn, she was one of the sparks that started me on my path. I will always remember how she lived and the morals and guidelines she taught me.

The second real life witch that was my inspiration is my mom. She bought my first book about witchcraft for me when I was 15. The book was Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf, a wonderful place for me to start on my path. I've left Wicca now, but I am very glad that I started out with it. Mom has always been 100% supportive of everything I've done. She was always inquisitive and she learned with me. We bounce ideas off each other and support each other. I learned from Mom that it is okay to have an inquisitive mind and to question things and to make sure that what I believe feels right to me and my conscience. Because she learns with me, we grow together and support each other. Sometimes she has more questions for me than I have for her, but she has always helped me when that one question comes to mind, "Is the religious path I've chosen okay?" I would never have gotten past the normal curiosity about witchcraft, and become the witch I am today without Mom's support and understanding. Thanks for always being there for me and being open-minded enough to let me learn and to learn with me Mom. Some people aren't that lucky.

The fictional witch that inspired me was Sabrina from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I watched this show all the time when I was a little kid. I loved everything witchy. Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble was one of my favorite movies, as was Hocus Pocus, but Sabrina was closer to my age and I could relate to her in certain ways. Because of Sabrina I became truly interested in anything and everything that had to do with witches and witchcraft. Thank you Sabrina, for sparking my young mind's curiosity!

And thank you guys for dropping by and participating in my first ever blog party! There will be more to come, I promise that. Now fly on over to the other participants blogs and enjoy their contributions! Brightest blessings to you all!


The 12th Day of Halloween at Mrs. B's

More wonderful giveaways today. I've entered one. Check it out here. I would love to have this personalized charm... It would be a great help. So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to win!


The Giveaways At Mrs. B's

Mrs. B has three wonderful giveaways going on today. I've entered two of them. One is for a gorgeous bookmark from The Whimsical Witch. Bookmarks are things that no reader should do without. Check out this gorgeous bookmark here. The second one I entered is for a gorgeous bath set from Sacred Oak. I would die to have this! I have an amazing garden tub here at home, but I almost never have any good stuff to use in a bath. Check out this awesome giveaway here.


Will The Ignorance Ever End?

First, before I even get into this post, go read this article. After that, I would like to have a real discussion with you guys. Which means I would really like for you guys to leave comments with your real opinions! I promise I will not be offended by your opinion, even if it opposes mine. My home is a safe haven for many and I extend that to my blog as well.

Now, on to my discussion. For those of you that didn't want to read the article, here's a tiny run down of what it's saying. There is a school in Washington that is canceling their Halloween celebrations because they think it is disrespectful to witches. There are of course other reasons behind the decision, but the main one is that they want to avoid hurtful stereotypes. The hurtful stereotypes that they mentioned are witches with pointy noses, ugly witches stirring cauldrons, and witches flying across the moon. I don't know about you guys, but frankly I find images like those to be absolutely hilarious.

I find this image absolutely hilarious, lots of fun. We real witches tend to take things like this in stride because we usually have a great sense of humor. Things like this, and images of witches flying over the moon, and stirring cauldrons, etc. are not offensive to me in any way. I'm one of those that likes to freak ignorant people out by telling them I'll turn them into frogs, do you really think I will be offended by this type of image? Do you want to know what truly offends me?

This one bothers me because it was meant as propaganda. Real witches (well at least those of us that don't follow the Satanic path) have nothing to do with the Christian's devil. I personally don't believe in a devil, and I know my powers and gifts come directly from inside of me and from the earth. So this is slightly offensive to me, but I can usually look past something like this and say, "It's in the past, I know the truth and the world is getting better about understanding so this stuff isn't important anymore."

This picture hurts me. To look on something like this and know that it truly happened because of someone else's fears and misunderstandings hurts me deeper than anything else. So, let the children have their fun with their images of witches flying over the moon and stirring cauldrons, they are not hurting anyone. And let them dress up as a witch with a pointy, warty nose. They aren't hurting anyone. It's not those images that can be hurtful to real witches, it's what you teach your children. If you teach them that witches are evil and that they look like that, that is hurtful. If you teach them that witches are normal people just like everyone else then may we all grow to love and learn and understand. So there's my idea on taking Halloween away from the children at school. What's your opinions?

The 9th Day at Mrs. B's

Today is the ninth day of Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween. She has two giveaways available, but I only entered one. I keep crossing my fingers and toes hoping that one of these days I'll get lucky and win one of these giveaways lol. The one I entered today is for an absolutely gorgeous ankle bracelet. I don't have to tell you guys just how much I would love to win this thing lol... Did you know that I don't own even one piece of jewelry with a pentacle on it? Anyway, go check out this giveaway at Mrs. B's it's awesome! And don't forget to check out the rest of today's fun at her blog, which includes a blog tour, and a guest blogger!


Book Swap 2010

This is something I am thinking about doing annually. So let me introduce the First Annual Book Swap at A College Witch's Experiences! I got this idea because I have a few books here at home that I am finished with and won't use anymore. Rather than doing another giveaway, I thought it would be funner to do a book swap. So today I will be making a page where you can post comments on books you would like to swap with someone. Leave an email address with your post, and when you find one you want to do just email each other and work out your swap! Share the button for this so everyone can join in the fun! I'll post it on the sidebar shortly!


I'm A Green Kitchen Witch. I Am You.

Rebecca over at Bex's Hexes is starting a wonderful campaign. I am on board all the way! Check out the video from her blog that she uploaded:

I personally am all for this. While people are starting to open their eyes and understand witches a little better than they did before, as evidenced by the fact that I am still alive and my house has not been attacked by an angry horde of villagers lol, there are still many people that do not understand, and I truly believe that campaigns like this are going to be what helps people begin to understand even better. I wanted to join and participate in this so here is my campaign:

I am Willow Silverhorse, also known as Amber Hagy. I am a green kitchen witch. My magick comes from the earth, which I am deeply connected to, and I use my gifts to help heal the sick, comfort those that are upset, help heal conflicts, and make people feel at home in my home. I am a 22 year old woman who is involved in my community. I cook for my friends, I pick up trash off the sidewalks, out of the park, and off the side of the road, and I recycle. I am close with God and the Goddess, and I believe in Jesus' teachings. I pray on a daily basis. Sometimes I sit in my yard under my tree and just enjoy the energy I get from that tree. I love. I live. I care. I am a witch. I am you.

I bet you're wondering why I finally shared my real name with you. I have always truly believed that the best way to fight the misunderstanding between Pagans and Christians and the rest of the world and anyone who doesn't understand is to be open and honest. I've always been open with you guys, I've never hidden anything except my real identity, but I started thinking, "What kind of difference can I make if no one knows who I am?" So this is me, Amber, telling you who I am. I am a witch and I am just like you.

More Giveaway's At Mrs. B's

Mrs. B has three giveaways that I've entered today. They're all really cool. The first one is for a gorgeous set of Ocean Heart Prayer beads. I've never owned a set of Pagan prayer beads and would be so so honored to win these! Check them out here.

The second giveaway is for a really cute gargoyle necklace made by Shadow of the Goddess Designs. It's oh so cute and I would love to have it to add to my jewelry collection. Check it out here.

The third giveaway is for an awesome Halloween sounds cd from 13 Track. It is amazing, perfectly Halloween without being horror movie scary. This would be awesome to have for my Halloween party! Check it out here.

Everyone cross your fingers and toes, I would love to win one of these wonderful prizes!

A Wonderful Honor

I recently received an email from a woman that told me I had been featured as one of the top 50 blogs for Wiccans. While my blog is more Pagan in essence because I am no longer Wiccan, this is a wonderful honor for this blog. You can check out their list here. I just can't believe I'm on a top 50 list! Thank you guys for helping put me there and thank you to the lady that made that list!


Giveaways At Mrs. B's

There are two giveaways going on over at Mrs. B's as part of her 31 Days of Halloween that I would love to win. The first one is for a blog makeover that I would absolutely love to have, especially since my bloggy home is getting a new name next week! You can check that giveaway out by clicking here.

The second giveaway that I would love love to win is a gorgeous altar/tarot cloth. I would probably use it for either my tarot cloth, or something else since I don't have an altar and I don't usually work with one. But it is so cute and I would love to have it as mine. You can check that giveaway out here. Wish me luck guys, I would love love love to win either one of these!

Punkin Pie Recipe Update

I posted the recipe for Gram's Punkin Pie yesterday and I made a small mistake. I told you guys 1/2 tsp of Cinnamon but it is actually 1 tsp of Cinnamon. Of course, Gram measured things with her hands and "eyeballed" everything so it changed slightly with each recipe so adjust it to however you like it best, but the original recipe is supposed to have 1 tsp of Cinnamon not 1/2 tsp of Cinnamon. Sorry about the mistake there guys. Hope yall enjoy it!


Completed Punkin Pie

I promised I would show you guys a picture of the pumpkin pie I made. You may be wondering why I keep calling it Punkin Pie... I called it that as a kid and all the way until the day she died that's what Gram called it too. So here is the picture of my finished Punkin Pie.
 The top puffed up a little bit in the oven and I sent a million video messages to my mom asking her if things were right lol, but Mom kept telling me everything was right. I think I might have left it in a little longer than needed after it puffed up because there was some loose bits where it had puffed up. I took that off and the rest was soft and perfect. It tasted just like Gram's always did.
In honor of this month and what it means to me, I would like to share the recipe with you guys. Gram didn't keep any of her recipes secret, so I'm sure she would have no problems with me passing this along to my wonderful readers.
You'll need:
1) Just a regular pie crust (Gram rarely used Graham Cracker crust)
2) One can of 100% pumpkin (I used Libby's 100% Pumpkin, not Pumpkin Puree)
3) One can of sweetened condensed milk
4) A capful of vanilla extract or imitation vanilla flavor (And I literally mean take the cap off your vanilla and use it as your measuring instrument)
5) 1/2 tsp Cinnamon (Update, it actually takes 1 tsp of Cinnamon)
6) About 1/4 tsp Ginger
7) 1/8 tsp Cloves
8) 2 eggs
Because I used a store bought pie crust instead of making my own, I put it in a 9 in. pie pan and put it in the oven at 350 for about 5-10 minutes. You don't want to make it golden brown or it will get really dark and crunchy after baking the pie. You'll know it's finished by the feel of it. Take it out let it cool then touch the inside. It should be soft but not mushy.
Next combine the rest of your ingredients in a mixing bowl until well blended. Pour into your pie crust and bake at 350. I don't remember how long it was in the oven because I was making the rest of supper while it was baking, but you will know it's done after it has puffed up and is no longer jiggly. A toothpick inserted in the center should come out clean. Wonderful technical terms right lol. Well, that's it. That's Gram's perfect recipe! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!

Punkin Pie Tuesday

In my opinion, my grandma made the best pumpkin and sweet potato pies on the planet. My mom gave me Gram's original recipe for pumpkin pie and I am trying my hand at it today. I've never made a pie before but I really enjoyed helping Gram mix it all up when she would let me help her with them. So Mom and I went on an adventure today. I drove to the Dollar Store (that most amazing place that has wonderful deals) and found vanilla, cinnamon, and sweetened condensed milk for 3 dollars. Then I drove to the grocery store and found the rest of what I needed (which was not the best deal ever, almost 13 dollars for the rest of the stuff I needed!). The whole time Mom was on the phone with me so she was technically with me lol. Lots of fun my friends.

The stranger is sitting in the living room playing Left 4 Dead 2 and while it's quite noisy it's nice to have sound and company lol. I recently received a comment asking more questions about the stranger. He's actually a very nice kid. He's an animal lover and we watch Animal Planet all the time which is very interesting because he knows the origins of most dog breeds and I'm getting to learn all kinds of new stuff from him. Now, in the comment I was asked if the stranger knew I was a witch. I don't know if he does or not. I've not hidden any of my books, they are in the closet in my office to which the door is standing wide open, and I have quite a few of them laying around the house lol. He's also used my internet several times and my home page is right here at my bloggy home. Reading a title called A College Witch's Experiences could possibly give him the idea.

However, he gave me the highest compliment any green kitchen witch could ask for! He told me that now my home feels like home to him. That is the best compliment I could ever receive. The shields around my house are set up so that friends and family feel at home here, and those that are up to something or bad people feel so uncomfortable they feel like they need to leave. I just took the stranger to meet his dad so he's not staying with me anymore... I'll miss him, he was a wonderful house pet, completely potty trained and kid friendly. But the stranger and his girlfriend are welcome here at any time.

Tonight I am having a dinner here to celebrate Miss J's pregnancy. We're having chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans. And for desert my own Gram's pumpkin pie. I've mixed it up already and it's in the oven. The mix tasted just like Gram's! I was so proud of myself! I'll share pics of it later! Also, on a bloggy note, there's still lots of time to sign up for both giveaways and for the blog party. Just follow your chosen link in the sidebars and you can sign up! I'm still open to giveaway contributions, just contact me through the contact me page if you would like to contribute to a giveaway!

Agony's Decay Review & Giveaway

A long while back I did a review on my friend Ahna's mineral makeup. She makes the brand called I Touch Roses. At the same time when I received my order of makeup from her, I also received a little soap sample from a place called Agony's Decay. The little sample was oh so cute. It was a green skull a little bigger than my thumb. It smelled WONDERFUL! At first when I looked at that little skull I had no idea what it was, and it smelled so good, I almost ate it. Thankfully when I went to take the wrapper off it said "DO NOT EAT! IT'S SOAP!" Which was very helpful because I was about to put the dang thing in my mouth.

When Ahna first sent me the stuff from Agony's Decay, I stopped by the shop and checked things out, and absolutely loved everything I found. You'll find handmade jewelry with a gothic twist, soaps, hair accessories, gift tags, and much more. All of it has a very Halloweenish theme and it's available year round! Such cute cute stuff! And Jenny, the person behind the wonderful stuff at Agony's Decay, is a very nice woman. She's very helpful, and wonderful fun to work with! Here are a couple pics of some of my favorite stuff at her shop right now.
These are little Day of the Dead soaps that are oh so cute! You get your choice of colors and your choice of scents. She has a million scents so I'm sure there's a scent for everyone. Each is poured when you order it, not pre-made so you know you're getting personal soaps each time that will last for quite a while. There's five of these cuties in one order for $5.00 bucks!
This is a tile necklace pendant. It features Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is handmade when you order it, meaning Jenny makes it specifically for you when you order it! Unfortunately it doesn't come with the spooky hand (which I happen to think is pretty cool by itself lol) but you do get the really cute pendant for $7.
These are little Halloween gift tags. Use them on gift bags and however else your creative mind can come up with using them. You get 10 of these cuties for $3.75.

Now, on to the giveaway! Jenny has been gracious enough to offer a $10 gift certificate that can be used on anything in her shop! This giveaway is open to everyone, even my wonderful international friends. Here are the rules:

1) If your profile is set to private, please leave an email address or blog link that I can contact you through if you win. 
2) Go by Jenny's shop http://agonysdecay.etsy.com and pick out some things you would like to purchase if you won the gift certificate, then come back here with the link and leave me a comment.

For extra entries you can do any or all of the following, please leave a separate comment for each as I will now be using the Random Numbers Generator to choose a winner:

1) Blog about this giveaway, then come back here a leave a link.
2) Share this giveaway on Facebook. Let me know that you did.
3) Be or become a fan of this blog on Facebook on the fan page. Let me know that you did.
4) Be or become a friend of mine on Facebook on my personal profile. Let me know that you did.
5) Be or become a follower of this blog's Twitter. Let me know that you did.
6) If you haven't already entered my other giveaway, enter it and leave a comment here telling me you did.

Okay, that about sums it up! The winner of this giveaway will be announced on the 19th. Good luck to you all and thanks for joining in my month long Halloween fun! I'll be looking for other giveaways as well, and if you would like to contribute to a giveaway, I will be more than glad to write a review for you and work with you on a giveaway. Anyone interested in that should contact me through the Contact Me page.


Who Says Mondays Have To Suck!

Today is a wonderful Monday for me. I woke up early with the boyfriend which was nice, because I would like to be a fairly normal member of society and wake up at normal hours during the day. So while I was tired at 9:30 this morning after getting to sleep after 4 this morning, I felt like I had accomplished a great accomplishment in my life. Then I called Miss J because she had been worried about Mar's friend staying here with me (which by the way, he is a very nice young man with amazing manners) and after she found out I had not in fact been murdered in my sleep by the stranger in my house she informed me that she is pregnant! She's been trying for a few years now and she'd stopped trying lately because she decided she wanted to wait a little longer, then she found out today that she is pregnant!

So I've spent most of the day spending time with her and talking to the stranger in my house who is quickly becoming a friend. I've also accomplished writing a little more in my book, which I am very proud of. It's nice to get back into it. The story just fell over me like a favorite blanket. So in all honesty, my Monday has been terrific!

Also, on a blog note. There is still time for you guys to sign up for the Inspiring Witch's Halloween Blog Party, leave me a comment or contact me if you want to join in on the fun! Also, to those of you that have already signed up, please check the links I've put up. If you don't see your blog there please contact me and I will fix it, and if your link is incorrect let me know so I can fix it! Also, make sure to come by tomorrow because there's another giveaway happening! It will post tonight at midnight. For a little sneak peek of what's being offered go by Agony's Decay! Also, because I want to go all out for Halloween, if you would like to contribute to a giveaway contact me and let me know! I'm still looking for several more giveaway opportunities for this month!


I'm A Bad Writer

It's no secret that I like to write. Hence the blog. But I almost quit writing entirely when Gram died. I'm trying to get myself back into it because I love to write, it just comes natural. I am probably not the best writer on the planet but it's something I like to do, so to deny myself that would be counter productive.

When I started this blog, however long ago I started it lol, it was a writing exercise for myself. I promised myself I would write at least one post everyday. Sometimes I wrote more but I always wrote something daily. Then I slowly stopped doing that. Now I'm back into writing on the blog daily, and I wanted to take some time out to try to work on writing more in my book today.

I hate to admit it, but I didn't get any work done today. I went and picked up a check, bought some groceries, rearranged my office, bought one of those accordion file thingys because my desk was overflowing with random papers, and took out the trash. That doesn't include all the phone calls I handled today like Mom calling, Mar calling, and so on. But, I have some previous work I've done on my book that I want to share with you.

I haven't named this book, but I started writing it probably one month after Gram passed away. So in five months I've only written two chapters. That's not okay lol. But I will start working on it much more from now on. Here is a link to the first chapter. I uploaded it to Google docs so that way everyone would be able to read it. I write on a Mac so some of my stuff can't be read on a PC so I just decided it was easier to upload it to Google Docs. Hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think!

Click here to read it.

Rainy Day Writing

It's cold and rainy in Texas today. The boyfriend and I had a long discussion this afternoon on his lunch break about a certain situation I've found myself in. Apparently Mar has a friend that has it pretty tough. It's a really long story that I don't even really understand myself so suffice it to say, she has asked if the guy can stay in my spare bedroom until she comes back from east Texas on Wednesday to pick him up.

This ultimately comes down to the trust between myself and Mar. I trust her enough to know she wouldn't ask me to keep a psycho in my house. So I discussed the situation with the boyfriend. No, he does not live in my house, and ultimately it's all up to me who I decide stays in my house, but because we are in a relationship and I respect him, I wasn't about to have him show up tonight for supper and a movie and surprise him with, "Oh honey, I forgot to tell you, this is Mar's friend. He's staying until Wednesday. Isn't that nice?"

I was worried about having this discussion with him because just last night we almost got into an argument about sleepovers. Why sleepovers? This is what happened.

The boyfriend - "Some girl I work with asked me if I wanted to have a sleepover with her and another woman."

Willow - "Oh that's nice honey." I tend to not freak out over things like that. Weird crap happens at the store he works at, and it's usually just really funny to me because I trust him and know he wouldn't be doing any stupid crap like that.

The boyfriend - "Oh yeah, I told her I was down for it and ready."

Willow - "Um okay, that's not a normal response babe." At this time I'm starting to wonder if he's lost his fricking mind.

The boyfriend - "Well yeah, I just told her I was ready for a sleepover, but at least now I know if I do go have a sleepover with a girl I should probably just not tell you."

Willow - "Excuse me? Get away from me. Stop touching me. What are you talking about IF you decide to have a sleepover with a girl. You shouldn't decide to have a sleepover with any girl except me."

This whole time he's laughing at me, watching me get angry, and I'm almost to the point of telling him to get the hell out of my house and DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YA WHERE THE GOOD LORD SPLIT YA BUDDY!

And then I realize something. We have not had a fight yet (yeah our relationship is that new), and he happened to mention the other day that he wanted to know what it would be like to fight with me just because he has never seen me mad. That little ass was just trying to pick a fight just for the hell of it!

Willow - "You ass, you're just trying to pick a fight. I can't believe you would say some dumb crap like that just to see how angry I would get."

The boyfriend - Laughing with this really dumb you caught me look on his face. "Your right babe. How do you always know when I've got something on my mind, when I'm just bullshitting, and when I'm being honest?"

Willow - "I'm an empath and a witch stupid. Do you really think you can pull the wool over my eyes?"

The boyfriend - "Can you blame me for trying?"

And that was how the mini fight went. Then this morning around midnight Mar calls me and asks if her friend can stay at my house. Does this sound familiar to any of you guys. Oh that's right, it's the same situation the boyfriend found himself in, only reversed! So I felt like the worst bitch of the west instead of the baddest bitch of the best and I was really not looking forward to telling the boyfriend that I would now be having a male sleeping in the spare room here in my home. Ain't karma a bitch?!

So I discussed the situation with the boyfriend on his lunch break. And Goddess bless him a million fold, that man was way more understanding about it than I thought he would be after we'd had that discussion about sleepovers. So in short, the boyfriend is amazingly understand. This witch? Not so much. So in order to stop feeling like the worst bitch of the west and start feeling like the baddest bitch of the best again I will be spending all day, sitting in my living room, computer on my lap, working on writing my book which I badly need to get back into writing. This may or may not be the last post of the day, depending on events unfolding.


Wonderful Finds At The Dollar Store

My local dollar store has some of the cutest stuff out for Fall and Halloween. I wanted to share a couple of things I've bought already. There's one whole aisle that I could spend hours oohing and aahing at everything. So here's a couple pics of things I've found there to help with decorating my house. As most of you guys know, I recently moved into my own home and I started out with very little lol. This has been a learning experience to say the least. As a 22 year old non-professional working in the local work pool (which includes places like Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Sonic, and several convenience stores) and sometimes not working lol, I've learned to be smart and creative about how to decorate my home. Many things have been found (which I gladly took home and made my own), and many things have been given to me by mine and my mom's friends. Here are just a couple things I've found at the Dollar Store in the past couple of weeks. Hope you like them!

These were $1.50. I absolutely loved them and couldn't pass them up. Who wouldn't want pumpkin salt/pepper shakers?

This is a little pie plate that I found on the same aisle. It was $5 and has the recipe for pumpkin pie painted in it. I doubt I can bake in it but it is so cute and I had to have it.

I got the fake flowers on the same aisle as my pumpkin shakers and my pie plate. The canisters they are in were given to me by mine and my mom's friend. The color is kind of crappy in this picture but there are yellow, purple, and red flowers in the canisters. I promise it looks much prettier in person. The flowers came in a "bush" and had 6 flowers on each bush. I used my wire cutters and cut them apart so I could do this with them. The bushes were $1 each.

The Dollar Store can be an amazing place to find cute things like these. Soon me and Miss J are going into the city to find a Dollar Tree to find decorations for Halloween. I'll share everything I find with you guys.

Weiser Books Giveaway

Here's another one of Mrs. B's giveaways. It's for a book called The Weiser Field Guide To Witches by Judika Illes. It sounds like this is a book that any witch should be proud to own! Stop by Mrs. B's to check it out.

October Farm Giveaway

Over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, Mrs. B is doing some wonderful things. As part of her 31 Days of Halloween she's got 3 giveaways up today. I entered the October Farm Giveaway and am crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes hoping to win lol. Stop over at Mrs. B's and check it out!

The Munsters: Who Could Be Any Closer To Halloween?

While I love The Munsters just as much as I do The Addams Family, The Munsters make me think of Halloween even more. When I'm desperately missing Halloween at any time during the rest of the year, I'll look up The Munsters in my Netflix queue and watch it to my hearts content. So, in the spirit of Halloween, here is The Munsters theme song. I really wanted to show you guys at least a partial episode, but this was all I could find on Youtube. It's 6:15 AM central time and I haven't been to sleep yet, but after I've had some shut eye, I will have more Halloween fun coming!


Welcome To My Blog!

Hi everyone, welcome to A College Witch's Experiences! I'm very happy to be participating in Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween! The current theme you see is my blog's Halloween costume and will be here all through the month of October. I am offering a giveaway from Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup starting today and ending on October 15th. Everyone is welcome to enter, you do not have to be a follower of this blog (although between you and me having lots of readers is always a plus ;D ) just follow the rules at the bottom of my giveaway post and you're entered!

There are big things going on this month here at my bloggy home. Not only am I doing the giveaway featured today, on October 5th I will also be doing yet another giveaway with my friend from Agony's Decay! Along with that I personally will be participating in several blog parties around the blogosphere and I am also hosting my own blog party, called Inspiring Witch's Halloween Blog Party that is schedule to happen on October 13th, so I do hope you guys stop by and see my contribution to it, participate in it yourself, and view everyone's contributions.

I hope you guys enjoy your visit. Visitors are welcome here anytime! Thanks for participating in Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween and I hope to see you here throughout the entire month of October! Brightest blessings from Willow.

Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup Review & Giveaway

I'm always on Etsy, constantly searching for fun new places to check out and I came across this wonderful shop called Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup. You guys know I’m a huge fan of mineral makeup and any time I find a new place to buy it, I just can’t help myself, I have to browse their shop.
Orglamix features a wonderful array of eye shadow colors, foundations, and blushes. While I haven’t personally tried their makeup yet (due to the fact that I haven’t had the money to order it, but believe me I will be ordering some eye shadows as soon as I have the money to do so) there are beautiful pictures showing you exactly what the makeup looks like on a real person. The color definition is fabulous! They also have an amazing “Get The Look” section where they provide you with the perfect colors to get the look you are looking for. My favorite is the Wicked Collection that features four different eye shadows that come out to the absolute perfect witchy color.

They also have a Halloween color collection, which I absolutely love, called Trick or Treat Halloween Shades. The picture to the right shows the lovely colors in the Halloween Color Collection. It features Absinthe, Midnight, Marshmallow, and Mandarin.
Also be sure to check out their Goodie Bag which is stuffed with 10 different eye shadow shades.
Now, on to the giveaway! One of my lovely readers will win their choice of any three colors from their eye shadows, blush, glow, foundation, or color corrector.
To enter, you do not have to be one of my readers, I’m making this giveaway open to everyone as my personal Halloween gift to the world!
For 2 entries, stop by the Orglamix shop at http://www.orglamix.etsy.com and pick out your favorite then come back here and leave a comment with the link to that product.

For 2 more entries stop by their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/orglamix and “like” them.

For another 2 entries follow them on Twitter at http://twitter.com/hautebeauty

And for 4 entries follow their blog at http://www.hautebeautyblog.com

This giveaway is open to everyone, including my wonderful international readers! You guys have until October 15th to get your entries in and on the 15th I will have either the boyfriend or Miss J pull a name out of the hat and announce the winner! Please be sure to leave an email address or some other (internet safe) way for me to reach you if you are the winner! Good luck everyone and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
PS I've read your comments and I know that the twitter link and blog link are apparently not working. I've contacted the sponsor about that and hopefully we'll get that fixed soon, however, until it is fixed as long as you guys let me know you tried to go to their twitter and/or blog you will get your extra entries. Thanks for letting me know guys.
PPS The seller just contacted me and she has a new blog link. It is now posted and I have personally checked it and it is now working. I won't make you guys come back and sign up at their blog all over again, I'll still count those that told me they tried. But if you wanted to follow their blog here is the new link: http://www.hautebeautyblog.com
 And their correct twitter link: http://twitter.com/hautebeauty