I Need Ideas

I spent a little bit of time looking back over old posts that I did before Grandma died, and I can't help but feel like the content I post now isn't as good as the content I posted before Gram passed. I'd like to start up a new weekly thing like I did when we were doing Self Empowering Mondays. Now, I feel like if I start Self Empowering Mondays back up it might help me as well as helping anyone else, but I also feel like that would be going backwards instead of forward. I've thought about doing several different types of things, but I've not really landed on one that I really feel inspired to do. Lend me some of your ideas... tell me what you think. What are you looking for? What kind of content would you like to see at Confessions of a Country Witch? With the new year coming up, I feel like it's time to add something new to the blog content, so let me know what you would like to see, and maybe we'll all settle on something we can all agree on :D

Here are a couple ideas I've come up with.

1. Meditation Mondays
A new meditation every Monday.

2. Tarot Tuesdays
A new tarot card every Tuesday and a discussion on it's meaning.

3. Witchy Wednesdays
A new spell or witchy something every Wednesday.

4. Thankful Thursdays
Something I'm thankful for every Thursday.

5. Friday's Confessions
A personal confession every Friday.

And a fleeting thought: Maybe bring back Self Empowering Mondays and add in Friday's Confessions? I'm not too keen on Thankful Thursdays because I can do that in my journal. I'm liking the idea of Tarot Tuesdays and I'm personally liking the idea of Friday's Confessions. If I was to do Friday's Confessions I figured I would share my confession and you guys could leave a confession in the comments. Give me feedback my friends :D


I've started working on a workbook called the 2011 Goddess Year Workbook. It's a pretty awesome thing. It got me thinking about a lot of things that I would like to work on for personal growth this year. I don't know what it is about this time of year, when one year turns into another, but it always seems like everyone starts thinking about things they would like to work on or change during the coming year. Most of the time people don't really stick to their resolutions and there's nothing wrong with that, life happens, but I think if we set resolutions that are things we don't actually want to work on we won't do them anyway. So I got to thinking about the things I would really and truly like to improve in my life. Here are a couple of things I would like to improve.

1. I would like to learn more patience. I have my good days and my bad days, but I'd like to have more good days, when I don't mind standing behind the lady at Walmart that decided to pay for everything in change.

2. I would like to learn better organization skills. My idea of organizing right now is to pile stuff that seems similar in separate piles all over the place. This makes for a messy office and living space so I would like to learn how to better organize things.

3. I would like to be better about keeping my home clean. I'm not a slob, but let's face, sometimes you look at the vacuum and say "I hate you, I'm not using you today," and that turns in to not using it for a week and then you look down at your socks and go "OMG My floor is fricking filthy!" I dated a guy who was OCD and he freaked out about the tiniest speck of dust. I definitely don't want to be that bad, but I want to be able to have surprise visits from friends without going "OMG I really don't want them to see my house!"

Those are the main things I want to work on. In past years I've said things like I'm going to lose this much weight, I'm going to quit smoking, I'm going to quit drinking cokes, etc., but this year I'm going to go for things more tangible that I can force myself to do more easily than I could the other things. What are your resolutions this year?


I Hope Your Holiday's Were Happy!

Hi everyone, sorry I disappeared again. Things always get crazy around Christmas/Yule. I applaud all you guys that found time to post over the holidays. My holidays were wonderful. I spent it with my parents and my ex's family (not the jerk that called me a whore but my first love). Lots of things happened, some I should probably not talk about on my blog because I'm not sure how old all of my readers are and wouldn't want to give younger readers the wrong idea.

My first love is trying to convince me to move to California with him. I've visited California before but I've never been there for very long. However, I'm an adventurous person, and I know if I don't go I'll regret it for the rest of my life... so I'm moving to California with my first love! Now don't get too excited, I won't be moving for at least 2 years, I just thought I would share that decision with you guys. I'm scared and nervous, but I feel like this is a good decision. It's a new start for me, away from all of my family, and a chance to meet new people, and maybe get to know myself a little better. I revealed the plan to my dad and he thought I was crazy. He thought it was just another crazy plan I came up with to follow my first love wherever he goes, but even though I can't bear the idea of him moving to California and leaving me behind, this is also a decision based on what I need.

Anyway, I guess I'll tell you all what I got for Yule and you can tell me what you guys got. My parents got me a Nook from Barnes and Noble, T-Fal expert cook stainless steel copper core pots and pans, Mom crocheted some gorgeous pot holders for me (black, orange, and white), a cover for my new Nook, a beautiful green heart necklace, and my little brother got me this absolutely gorgeous prayer box necklace handmade from Tibet! In my stocking I got candy, beef jerky, and two different types of perfume. Oh and as a Yule gift to myself I got my lip pierced! It was awesome! My first love's family got me a pretty blue fuzzy blanket, and a gift set of Olay body was and lotion which included a free year subscription to Allure Magazine (one of my fave magazines!). Then my first love's mom turned around and regifted her gift that her mom gave her as a birthday gift to me (my birthday is January 23), it was a camo colored snuggie! First off I love camo, and I love snuggies so it was perfect!

I wish I could share the rest of my Yule with you guys because my first love gave me a wonderful gift, but it's probably inappropriate to talk about it lol. Anyway, I hope you're Yule/Christmas was wonderful. Many blessings to you all! Share you're Yule stories with me in the comments. Also, I'll have a book review coming up soon, I'm just waiting to get the book in the mail so I can read it. Also, out of sheer curiosity I'm adding a poll to the right side of my blog asking you you're age. I would really like it if you guys could answer it for me because I would really like to know the ages of my readers.


Your Perception of Beauty

I got into a bad mood early today. I wanted to lift myself up so guess what song I searched for in youtube to cheer me up... Oh you'll never guess, it's not a feel good song lol, so I'll just share it with you!

I watched this and thought about how I love the gothic beauty in it. I've always loved to see pictures of someone in all black with black and red makeup (as long as it's done right lol). I think it is so beautiful. Let me share some more pictures with you guys that I found through Google.

Here's another music video that I love the gothic elements in. I actually love the video mainly for the gothic elements. The song is amazing too but my favorite part of it is the music video lol. Youtube won't let me embed it so here's the link to it. If you guys know the song it's called Helena by My Chemical Romance. I especially love the girl who jumps out of the casket. She is so beautiful! But before you guys get to thinking that I only love gothic beauty here's some more pictures of the other types of beauty in my opinion.

These are all beautiful to me. Most of the looks I don't really have the back bone to pull off lol, but I've done the natural look, and I've done light, easy makeup with funky colored hair before. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys. If you would like you can share images of what you think is beautiful on the fan page, or you can just tell me what you think is beautiful in the comments. Thanks so much for reading! Brightest blessings!


Puppy Update

Well, Princess and I went to the vet today, and they asked when I had last given her a vaccination which I gave her yesterday. They told me because I had given it to her yesterday we would probably get a positive on the parvo test and they wouldn't know if it was positive because of the vaccination or because she really has parvo. She did end up coming up positive on her parvo test, but she is feeling a lot better and I was told just to watch her really close and give her her medication so that's what I'm doing. Her stool is getting more solid (was getting more solid last night too), and she never lost her energy. Doc said for now he'll look at the positive test as a side effect of the vaccination I gave her yesterday, but if she gets really sick then he'll have to say it really is parvo and we'll just keep her from dying from dehydration. Thank you all so much for your prayers and candles. I appreciate it so much!


I Need Your Prayers

Okay guys, I need your prayers. I got a puppy about 3 weeks ago. She's now 9 weeks old, and she's having bloody diarrhea and she vomited white foamy stuff yesterday. I called my vet tonight, wondering if I needed to bring her in or not, but he said since she's running and playing she should be okay but he wants to see her tomorrow. He was very adamant about seeing her tomorrow because there's a possibility she could have parvo.

I've fallen in love with her, and she's very special to me. I've already lost my childhood dog (she died the week before Grandma did if you guys remember), and I've lost Grandma. I'm not sure if I could handle losing my puppy too. Her symptoms are typical except that she is still running around and playing. She's still acting normal except for the diarrhea and the vomit, but I'm so scared. I don't want to lose my dog. Please pray for her. She's a strong her, and I'm hoping it's not parvo that maybe she just got a hold of something she didn't need to eat and she'll pass it. I'm going in to see my vet tomorrow morning at 8:30 and I'll keep you guys updated with what he says, but please keep us in your prayers. I know to some it doesn't make sense praying for an animal, but she's my baby and God and the Goddess love the little ones. Thanks guys.


Sometimes You Just Have To Say Goodbye

The boyfriend and I broke up tonight. I'm actually fine with that because I was getting quite sick of his bs. Apparently he can't understand normal conversations. Obviously I'm not that hard to understand or I wouldn't have a blog, much less any followers, but he was always telling me he couldn't understand me. But before I go into my rant and the childish things he said to me, let me give you guys a little bit of a background first because I know I've been gone for a while and haven't updated things like I should.

After dating for two months I decided to take the boyfriend to meet my parents. He agreed and I was so excited. I hadn't seen Mom in a while and I'm always glad to see Daddy. So the day before we had decided to head down there I tell him I would like to leave at noon on Thursday (Thanksgiving day) and he basically ignores me. So I leave it alone for a little while and then he blurts out as he's leaving that he isn't leaving at noon. So I'm like "Um what do you mean by that? You're not coming or you don't want to leave at noon?" He says he doesn't want to leave at noon because he's going to see his parents. Of course this is news to me because he never mentioned that he was going to see his parents before then. Then he fights with me telling me he had told me already and I know he didn't. My memory isn't that bad. So I let it slide and of course I was angry about it, but at least I was getting to see my parents so nothing else matter.

Then we get down to my parents house and he doesn't speak to my parents at all. He sat on their recliner and didn't speak. Then my ex showed up at my mom's house and the boyfriend decided to get into a fight with me because I said he didn't drink much. Apparently he thought I was talking down to him when in reality I value someone who doesn't drink a lot because my real dad was an alcoholic. So I was ticked that we'd fought at my parents and that he was being dumb and not understanding my normal tone of voice. I've been through a lot of therapy, etc., so I know how to use my tones. After we spoke about it, he said he would try to understand better. We get back home and he knew I had to go back down to Mom's for an appointment I have on Friday so he said he would stay and spend a lot of time with me and help me clean and all that. By today he still hadn't come by, not even on his lunch breaks, so I couldn't figure out what was going on, but it was the same way as it was last month when he decided to break up with me.

So I decided to ask him why he wasn't coming to see me and he said he needed space. He said he would probably be staying to himself for a while and I asked him why and that's when he got hateful with me. He told me that when he met my ex he could see that we still loved each other and there was no reason for him to be in my life. He said he thought I was going to run away with my ex and never come home, then he told me that I was free to find as many guys as I wanted to be a whore with. He called my mom a bitch and said she was rude to him the whole time he was down there and Mom actually made fudge just for him. Mom tried her best to make him feel accepted. The problem is the boyfriend is so paranoid that he thinks everyone is out to get him so he doesn't know how to accept true hospitality. I got ticked and yelled and screamed at him and gave him a true taste of what it's like for me to talk down to him and to be pissed at him and to shove him out of my life. I probably would have been ok with him talking crap about me, but dragging my mom into it pissed me off. I told him if he couldn't accept my family there was no place for him in my life because unlike him they will always be there for me. Then he told me I could burn in hell, and I told him to go ef himself and hung up on him.

There's always an ending to everything. I just don't know what kind of lesson I was supposed to learn from this stupid relationship. I've always tried to look at every relationship and see what I did wrong and how I could better myself, but I was always supportive of him, I always tried to compromise and talk things through with him, and I pretty much constantly told him I loved him. I can't figure out anything else I could have done. But to be honest, I'm glad to be free of him. He didn't grasp half of our conversations and he was 28 years old. Sometimes I felt like I was talking to a child because of how much I had to break down almost every word I said for him to understand what the hell I was talking about. Now I'm free to find an intelligent man (who is taller than me and at least takes care of their teeth), or to be single and do whatever I want.