On Beauty & Makeup

Well, today I'm feeling a bit better from my bronchitis, and I decided I would work on laundry, and put a little makeup on to see if that would help me feel better (because oddly it does sometimes). So I put on clean clothes, gather up all of my dirty stuff, which meant going out to my little brother's car shop to get stuff that has been packed up since my move, and I bring everything back inside the house to start a load ... Sounds easy right? Nope, with bronchitis. I've lost my strength and lugging that stuff from the shop to the house which is only a few feet away was like carrying a baby elephant! Then I start my first load of laundry, sit down for a bit to catch my breath, and then remember I wanted to put on makeup.

The last time I saw my makeup it was in the front seat of my truck while I was finishing up those last couple of days at school. I go out to my truck, rearrange things so I can see the spot the makeup had been the last time I saw it and ... NOTHING! My big box o makeup was gone. I'm saddened by this fact because while I don't wear makeup on a daily basis, and don't believe that I absolutely have to have makeup on to leave the house, I enjoyed the fact that if I wanted to put on makeup I could. I also had well over $2,000 worth of makeup packed in one caboodles box. If a certain makeup style struck my fancy, I had the makeup to do it.

Sadly, some of the products cannot be replaced. One of my favorite eyeshadow colors was called Confident and I bought it from etsy at a shop called I Touch Roses. The owner of the shop has Morgelloan's Disease and has been sick. She's not available for me to reorder. I'm not complaining about that. I hope that she gets to feeling better and is able to do the things she wants to do. However, it does suck having to find new makeup, and new makeup creators? Is that what you call them? I've found one shop with some really cool colors out of Canada called Crush Cosmetics. They seem to be fairly new, but their colors are so fun and awesome.

I love doing all kinds of makeup trends, my absolute favorite being my version of a fallen angel which is eyes rimmed in black including water lines, black in the corners like you would do for a smokey eye, and pink on the inside (where you would put grey or white for the smokey). While black is easy to come by (and I still have 1 black eyeliner because for some odd reason I decided to buy a black eyeliner the other night), the pink that I loved to use for that look was another I Touch Roses product. I also like to do soft, natural looks, and bright in your face looks, classic looks like brown eyeliner with bright red lipstick.

Anyway, the reason I am babbling on and on about this is because I need your help my friends. No I am not asking you to help me replace my makeup. I am asking you, my dear beautiful readers, to tell me who your favorite makeup providers are. Are they on etsy? Share the link. Are they a more professional brand like MAC? I love MAC! Tell me about your favorite colors through them. Help me find a provider that I will love my friends!


Re-Connecting With Nature In Winter

As many of you know, I have made a vow to myself to get closer with my gods, and deeper in my own beliefs. While it's still not winter weather here in my area of Texas (minus the 24 hour snow we had in Amarillo just before I finished my hours at school), it is getting more chilly. I'm a chicken when it comes to a cool breeze unless it shows up out of the blue on a hot summer day to cool me off, otherwise I run for the nearest heat source. When I was younger I wasn't that way. I used to walk around in the snow with no shoes on and I apparently had no idea what a jacket was. However, since I went down to the university in the dessert I have not been able to handle the normal cold we have here. I've lost my cold hardiness. So, you now ask, "Willow, how do you reconnect with your own beliefs, which revolve so deeply in nature, if you are not outside that much in your current weather?" This is how:

1. The weather warms up to a tolerable 65 in the afternoons. I will go out Mom's back door with the dogs and sit for a little while feeling the vibrations of nature, watching the dogs play, and watching nature in general.

2. I do a lot of meditation. As you might imagine, staring at Mom's backyard gets old after a while. I'll try switching to the front yard, but in all honesty it's not much different. I love connecting with the vibrations of home and things I'm familiar with, however, how do you learn if that's all you have to connect with? So I meditate and create new situations for myself to try to learn from. Usually I'll just imagine a different form of nature that I haven't been to before, but have seen on TV or something like that, and I'll let the meditation take me where it wants. I'll share some meditations with you on that later.

3. Last and definitely not least, there's energy work. What I call energy work is actually spell work. Spells are just accessing the energies around you and transforming them slightly to create changes. So it seems more right to me to call it energy work. You can call it whatever you want, but because we are accessing the energies around us, we create a direct link with whatever those energies are coming from, in my case its the natural world around me. So because energy work creates a direct link to nature for me, that's another way of me connecting with nature.

Things have been off with me for a while. I used to hold a balance of my own energy, plus a free flow of energy from the natural land around me. When I moved to Amarillo, I shut that connection down inadvertently, now I have to work twice as hard to get that balance back. Just to let you know, closing down that connection sucks. Not only do you personally feel off balance, everything else in your life loses its balance as well. Things don't feel right. It's sort of like when you have strep throat and everything tastes wrong. So, how do you connect with nature during the winter? Do you connect with nature at all? Tell me about you guys! You know I love to hear about you!

Also, I've got some wonderful responses from the poll. Right now it's tied between change it now, and wait til a little later. I've also had a comment from a lovely beautiful reader who said they are uncomfortable with change. I understand where you are coming from there darling, however, I personally feel that things get stagnant if there aren't some changes here and there. I try to leave my blog alone for long spurts, then change it when I feel things are getting stagnant. While the look of things change here, I try to make sure that the essence of the blog stays the same. I am still here to discuss my religion with you, I am still here to tell you what's going on in my life, and I'd love to hear about yours. I still want this blog to be an interactive place. Please know that even though the look of the blog changes, I still love all of you.


New Poll On The Sidebar

I have a new poll, because I want to know this ... do you think I should dress the blog up for Yule already, wait, or don't change it at all, or change it completely but not Yule related? I kind of like the background as it is, but I feel like I should at least change the banner if I'm going to leave this background. I'm sure eventually I will change it for Yule, especially since I'm party of a Yule blog party, but I want to leave that up to yall ... This blog used to be an interactive place, and I miss that. Tell me your opinions, even if they oppose mine, I like to hear from you guys!


Well, Hello There!

It's been a week since I've posted and I do believe it's time to post again. I have completed the 600 hours I needed to be done with school, I will be taking my written test on Thursday at 1:30, and after that I can schedule my practical. After I've completed my practical I send in for my license, then I wait a little while and I can start working. My house is on the lots I bought here in Whiteface, I'm waiting for the electrician and plumber to come out and plumb everything and hook up all the electrical stuff.

As a graduation present to myself, I spent $130 on books! A few are Pagan related, and the other 2 are about herb gardening, one being Herb Gardening For Dummies! Yes, I am a dummy when it comes to gardening. I absolutely love flowers and plants, but they all die, and I'm hoping a dummy book will help me not kill them. One of the Pagan books I've already read, and I really enjoyed it. It is Buckland's Book of Gypsy Magic. I liked it because the morals and beliefs he talks about the Gypsies believing in, I grew up with! Of course, a while back I found out that my family and I come from Gypsy blood. We are Black Dutch. I'd known we were Black Dutch all my life, I just didn't know what it was, and apparently neither did anyone in our family. About a year ago, I did a little bit of internet, nerdy research, and found out that the Black Dutch were a Gypsy tribe residing in France. Many of the Gypsy beliefs described in that book were inadvertently taught to us by Gram and Granddad. I'm proud to come from such a rich heritage, and I would love to learn even more about it than a small book can tell. I was a little disappointed that the book focused mainly on spells, and only touched on a few of the beliefs when it is supposed to discuss both, but what I did learn I loved. I absorbed it like a sponge to water.

I'm now working on my Herb Gardening For Dummies book, and A Witch's 10 Commandments which I'm enjoying more than I thought I would. I picked that book up on a whim and decided why not try it out. I didn't think I would like it that much, but I'm enjoying it. I'll share more about it later. There's another book called Earth Power by Scott Cunningham that I haven't started yet, and I replaced my Way of the Green Witch, because I sorely missed it. I'm so thankful to have the time to finally start reconnecting with the gods the way I want to. I've also met a guy that I'm talking to a little bit. I don't know if things will turn romantic with him. He currently lives 75 miles away, and I know I won't be relocating for quite a while. However, he was one of the first that I was 100% honest with about my religion, and surprise of all surprises, he didn't instantly stop talking to me. We'll see where things go with him. Who knows. I'm just glad to have time to better myself and enjoy life without having to worry about whether or not I'm missing school. Tomorrow I think I'll have some deeper things to talk about, but for now, I'm going to leave it at this. Love, light and brightest blessings my beautiful darlings!