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A New Tarot Layout

This is the post that Mr. Giant is so excited about. First let me give you a little bit of a school update. Mr. Giant has been living with me for about two months now. We don't really know if we're dating or what. I do know that I am very emotionally attached to him and at times that scares me. We only have two weeks of school left and things are so uncertain right now. As you all know I have a lot going on in my life as does Mr. Giant so neither one of us is certain about anything other than knowing that we are for sure coming back to school in August.

We have not made love and we've only kissed once but there is a lot of flirting and playfulness that doesn't happen in platonic relationships. Right now about all I know is that I'm addicted to him holding me at night, I'm addicted to the way he smells, and when he smiles my world lights up. I know those are supposed to be good things but they scare me sometimes too because everything is so uncertain. I'm not really sure what to think or do but I value every moment I have with him and I thank Aphrodite every night for blessing my life with Mr. Giant.

Anyway, about the layout. This layout came to me while Mr. Giant and I were having a "tarot party," as we call them. Miss K and her boyfriend were over here and we were just playing around with the cards. Someone wanted me to do the daily spread for them which consists of five cards laid out with one card at the top, one at the bottom, and three in the middle. You lay them out in a clockwise motion and they cover work, home, unexpected occurrences, obstacles, and the outcome of the day. I never really like that layout and as I sat there looking at the cards while Miss K and her boyfriend playfully created false meanings for the cards I realized that I liked how the cards were laid out just not what they meant.

I leaned over to Mr. Giant who was sitting next to me on the couch and said, "You know, this layout would work much better as a relationship layout. The two cards on the top and bottom represent the people in the relationship, and the three in the middle represent past, present, and future." Mr. Giant's eyes got really big and he suggested we try it out on the cards Miss K and her boyfriend had laid out there. The layout worked quite well with them, then he asked to do a reading using the new layout on us, as in me and Mr. Giant. Miss K laid the cards out for us and read from the book to give us an answer because I felt like I was too biased to be able to interpret it. The picture below is of the reading done on me and Mr. Giant (I think). I'll tell you guys the cards that were in our reading in case I took a picture of the wrong reading we did several testing out the new layout.

This is the way the cards lay. The one on the top represents the partner that wears the pants in the relationship which should be complimentary to the other person in the relationship represented by the card on the bottom. Relationships should be reassessed if there are extreme differences in these cards such as the dominant card being a ten of swords with the other card being a three of wands because this could be an indication that someone is too domineering. The three cards in the middle represent past, present, and future which generally should tell you how they met, where the relationship is now, and where it is headed if things stay the way they are. These cards should also give indications on things that need work, what they can do to improve the relationship, or show signs of danger, etc.

Mine and Mr. Giant's cards were the Five of Pentacles on top representing him, the Four of Pentacles on bottom representing me, Temperance in the past, the Lovers in the present, and the Queen of Pentacles in the future. Miss K read the meanings of them from the book and told us that we are a really good match but we have a lot of things to discuss and figure out before we can be together. That sounded really good to me lol. If any of you guys are familiar with the tarot and would like to interpret mine and Mr. Giant's reading I'm open to any interpretations you have and even if you just have some advice in general I'm open to that too. Just leave me comments!

Mr. Giant has been pushing me for weeks to share this with you guys. He was so excited when I used this new layout. Sometimes I think he's just fascinated with my gifts. Of course he has gifts of his own. He sees ghosts where as I just feel them, he has prophetic dreams like I do, and he's sensitive to energy. I can sense that he has many more gifts than that and he has yet to find them. As I said earlier he truly is a blessing from Aphrodite. It is a huge breath of fresh air to be able to share all this with him and not feel like he's looking at me like I'm a freak. His calm acceptance and understanding gives me strength when I dearly need it.


The Answers Are Within You

First, let me say, I'm glad to be back. I missed everyone! I was just entirely too stressed to handle writing anything this week. I'm sorry I missed Self Empowering Mondays, I didn't feel personally empowered enough to be able to writing a self empowering post. If I did it would have fallen flat.

So, I have a couple of things to tell you. First my grandma is having some back problems. T-10 in her back is completely collapsed and they found some scar tissue in her lung. She's been to the doctor getting tests run today to find out if she is capable of going through the non-invasive surgery to fix her vertebra (did I spell that right? In the right context?) and I think they've decided to leave the scar tissue alone because it's only about an inch big and at the very top of her lung so it apparently isn't hurting anything. So I've been in a little bit of a funk with all this going on. Things seem to be getting better though.

Second, I had a very amazing things happen to me last night. Well it started with a bad thing and ended with something pretty cool. Mr. Cup and I are currently fighting because he is a disrespectful jerk that doesn't understand that he deeply hurt my feelings. He was supposed to go to the bar with me, Mr. Sci-fi, and Mr. Giant, but instead he decided he was going to blow us off to stay in his room and talk to some girl that he thinks he's going to date even though she lives several hours away and isn't going to come to our school. So I got really upset and decided to come back to my room and Mr. Giant came with me. He was trying to cheer me up. In all reality all I wanted to do was lay in bed and cry all night, but Mr. Giant wasn't having that. He sat and watched New Moon with me, his choice not my mine lol, then he started watching Harry Potter and I fell asleep during that.

But what I want to tell you about has nothing to do with the movies. Mr. Giant sat on my bed while I was in the bathroom and when I came out he had my new set of tarot cards in his hands and wanted to know what they were. I was a little worried about telling him what they were but I told him anyway and he was really fascinated with them and wanted me to do a reading on him. So we went through several readings and I learned some new things about him that I'd never known. Then I decided I wanted to use my Druidcraft Tarot cards because I've had them a little longer and wanted to see what they would have to say. So I held them in my hands and asked "How can Mr. Giant heal his pain," I didn't ask about specific pain because I didn't know what kind of pain it was, I just sensed a really deep well of pain.

I never even got a chance to shuffle the cards or even lay them out. I asked they question twice in my mind and after the second time, answers starting flowing into my mind. As they came I told them to Mr. Giant and talked to him about all of it. They were all spot on and I didn't even get to look at the cards. Mr. Giant was amazed and I was a little freaked out at first because that has never happened to me before. However, after my initial "Oh my God, that was new! Where did that come from," reaction, I calmed down and just accepted it. Now I'm a little proud of myself for it. After that, Mr. Giant said he was confused about where to start to heal and work on some problems he has. I had discussed some options with him but he wanted to see what the cards said so I threw them out for him.

I didn't write down any of the cards from the readings, although I admit I should have. But the first few blatantly told him "The answers are within you." And he got so worried because he didn't know where to start. So we sat and discussed his choices and what he could do to make things better. I don't want to tell you what he's working at because it's actually really deeply personal. But after that, he asked if he would ever be happy in life. I of course told him that he would only be happy in life if he allowed himself to be happy but he wanted to ask the cards because he was so fascinated with them. So I asked the cards and the end result card was Justice. He's used to being treated badly so getting the Justice card told me that things would change for him and that the bad things that had happened in his life would come to justice and that he would get what is coming to him. I feel he will get good things because he is a good person who has been hurt deeply and I told him that. After that we put the cards away and started watching movies and I fell asleep. Currently he is still asleep in my bed while I'm sitting on my floor watching Nikelodeon.

But this morning I started thinking about the cards that said the answers are within you and the Justice card. The answers to your deepest fears, worries, and even your deepest happiness, all lie within you. You choose how your life is going to turn out because you choose how you will perceive it. If you look at life like it sucks all the time, it will, but if you wake up and tell yourself that you are a good person, you deserve good things, and you find the joy around you, your life is going to be pretty good. No use living for tomorrow, life has already started, live for the here and now!


My New Tarot Cards

I promised I would share my new tarot cards with you so here they are! I'm also sharing my mom's new cards with everyone because I think they are absolutely beautiful and I'm thinking about buying my own set.

This is the book that goes a long with my new deck. It actually may take some time for me to get connected with these. I thought they were beautiful when I picked up the box but some of them are kind of weird to me.

These are Mom's and they have a lovely Asian feel to them but bring fairies to mind as well. (By the way what is the difference between fairies and faeries?)

A Celtic Cross layout with Mom's cards. Sorry I couldn't get closer to them so you could see the cards in better detail. I've been using my phone to take the pictures for the blog.

The back of one of Mom's cards.

The back of one of my new cards.

Celtic Cross with my cards.

And that's all for the cards. I may be able to add more pictures of readings I do with better detail so you can see them closer. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it!


My Magickal Heritage

Hey everyone! I'm back from my moms! Did you miss me? I missed you guys. I truly wish my mom had internet service so I could blog while I was with her. This weekend was great, I got to get my air trimmed, spend time with my mom and have some conversations with her about magick, and go into the city and get some tarot cards. Mom bought her first deck and I bought my third. I also replaced my Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards. I'll share photos in a moment. I also bought a bookshelf to put my magick books on and a college ruled composition notebook to use as my tarot journal.

Mom and I also discussed our heritage and I'm proud to say I am a hereditary witch but because of my great-grandmother and my grandma what was our heritage was lost. But from the conversation I had with my mom I learned we have French, Scottish, and English heritage so I've been researching a little bit. I'm drawn to Gypsy magick and Druid and Celtic magick (even though to be 100% honest I really don't know the difference between Druids and Celts). There are so many different forms of magick from the English countryside I doubt I would ever be able to narrow that down. So I'm excited to tell you guys that I am trying to discover my heritage and my mom wants to learn magick that goes with our heritage so she will be learning with me. But I have to go, there is a movie playing at the local theater that Miss K wants to go to and she will not give me a few minutes to blog about everything I want to blog about. I'll share pictures of the new tarot cards with everyone when I get back from the movie.