Oh My Gods It's Beltane!

So I let days slip by... I didn't even know today was Beltane until I started reading everyone's posts. Of course I should have known as today is the first day of May lol. As it is, I probably will not do anything to celebrate, except maybe leave an offering of honey or wine to Aphrodite. If I had been planning, like a good little witch, I probably would have done something really awesome, but I didn't plan anything lol. I hope everyone's Beltane is blessed.

Here in West Texas, the day is cold and the sky is gray. We had a cold front blow in last night and it doesn't really feel like Beltane, it feels more like fall. This summer so far has been a strange one. Sometimes it is blisteringly hot, promising trips to the lake and poolside lounging, and other days it is cold and really windy, reminding us of the winter that should have already passed on but seems to be clinging to the world with all its might. That's the weather report here :D. I hope everyone's Beltane goes wonderful for them, and I send you light, love, and blessings, this blessed Beltane!