I Wanna Go Home

I'm going to vent a little bit in this post. Lately I've been having some problems here at school. There is a guy that hangs out here in my room who I thought was pretty cool at first but the longer he hangs out the more I realize that he's not worth my time. I had an abusive father, I don't speak to the man anymore, but the damage he caused is still with me to this day. Well the guy that has been hanging out here has a weird sense of playing around. Yesterday he picked up electrical hook ups to my bluray player and hit me with them. He left marks on my arm. He also has problems with getting in my face and yelling at me. Last night I got mad at him and he couldn't figure out why I was mad at him. I tried to explain to him that he couldn't hit me with electrical cords but he just kept saying he was just playing and that I shouldn't be mad about it.

Then earlier today I was standing outside the dorms talking to a friend of mine about what had happened last night and a rock flew past my head, hit the window, bounced off the window and hit my hand. It's bruised and swollen now and after the rock hit me, the guy that was hanging out in my room came walking down the steps to the dorms. Miss K was with him and said she didn't know who threw the rock so I'm not trying to say that the guy hit me with the rock but it's weird that he was right there when it happened the day after we fought about him hitting me with electrical cords. Now all I really want to do is go home. I'm tired of all the stupid crap that goes on here. I'm hurt, I'm upset, and I'm tired. I need to heal at home.


Sarita Rucker said...

Talk to one of your professors or an advisor about him. What he's doing is harmful, and it needs to stop.

Dirgesinger said...

Yeas. That sounds dangerous. I would not let this going on... he might hurt You more seriously.

Sarita Rucker said...

On second thought, maybe you should talk to campus security about him. I was thinking that a professor or advisor would be able to tell you who to talk to, but they would probably (I think) direct you to security.

Bridgett said...

You need to do something about this fellow, love. He sounds like an abuser in the making.

Take good care of yourself and be safe. Oh, and keep him out of your room from now on.