Indigo Children And ADHD

After reading Sarita's post about ADHD I did some research of my own because I'm a dork like that lol. I came across this site that seemed pretty cool, talking about how to control ADHD without medication, etc. and found a part on the site that wanted people to tell about their "paranormal" experiences with ADHD called ADHD Gifted. So I read some of the other people's contributions and found that most of them, like me, have prophetic dreams, visions, empathy, magickal abilities, etc. So, like the dork that I am, I had to contribute as well. You can check out what I wrote here.

So after contributing, I got an email saying that my contribution was accepted and I could look at it and see if I liked it. I checked out the area it was put in and someone had already commented on the contribution. They mentioned Indigo Children and I had to see what they were talking about. It turns out there is a wide belief that children with ADHD inherit what people call an "indigo resonance" and it shows up as ADHD. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the whole Indigo Child/ADHD situation but I really liked what I read about Indigo Children.

It is believed that Indigo Children are meant to be a bridge between old and new beliefs. We are here for a purpose and often we come into life knowing we have a purpose. But it also doesn't make us any better than anyone else. We have a little extra clarity to be able to see through baloney and to be able to help people out but that's about the only difference on the outside. My research took me to a place called Namaste Cafe to an area talking about Indigo Children. I have to admit I didn't read a whole lot of it because I couldn't really force myself to read it all (in my opinion there is entirely way too much writing on there) but what I did read helped me understand a little better. Check it out here.

Because I'm a quiz addict I found a quiz that tests whether you are an Indigo Child or not and wanted to share my findings with you guys.

Your result for The Are You An Indigo Child Test...


You scored 70 Generation and 81 The Checklist!
You were born in the right generation and scored very high on the checklist criteria.  You're almost definitely  an indigo child!  I probably don't have to tell you much about what that means, because you're driven and have a passion to do something important in this world, you're in touch with yourself and you're in touch spiritually .  You were born with purpose and will be part of global change.  I hope you like the results, many indigos seem to find solace in finally knowing why they are different from the general population and in knowing they are not completely alone.
Take The Are You An Indigo Child Test at OkCupid

I was pretty happy with the results, it's nice to know that not all people think I have a mental problem lol.


Mama Feoneafey said...

Oh Dear! Of course you don't have a mental problem! You are Very Special !
I grabbed your button today :) I like your button exchange scrolling thingy.. when I get a bit more time I want to figure that out next.
Blessings to Ya !
Ma Fey

Bridgett said...

I tried to take the quiz and couldn't, although I'm quite certain I'm not an Indigo child. :)

MrsB said...

Whatever you call it, ADHD or Indigo - it's not a mental problem. Two of my kids and my husband have ADHD (just my personal opinion, but I don't believe in the whole "indigo" thing, though I know many people do, and I respect their belief) and ADHD is a neurological issue, not a mental one.

People put a stigma on it that isn't appropriate (much like the one they put on being a witch). The trick is to be the best person, and therefore the best representation, of a person with ADHD that you can be - just like we try to be good people and show that witches aren't "bad".

There are lots of people out there doing great and amazing things that have ADHD and didn't let it stop them or let other people's ignorance bring them down.

Whatever you call it, you are an amazing young woman! :O)