Dear Blogger

I was very pissed upset when I found out that the current problem I am having my with sidebar elements is an issue that you have apparently known about since November 2009. Obviously at one point in time you had this problem under control, but now the problem is back, and to be one hundred percent honest I am over the top upset about it. There's some anger, some disappointment, and some stress and anxiety floating around in my bag of emotions with your name on it.

So, I would like to vent to you and tell you the things I put my blog through before I found out that this is your problem, not mine. Are you ready to listen? Because I am most definitely read to go off on you vent my frustrations.

Last night I decided there was something wrong with my template which I got from btemplates.com. So I reloaded my template and had to do some extra HTML work because there are built in elements that needed tweaking. After that didn't work I thought maybe my sidebar was overloaded so I deleted everything and put it all back on. But guess what happened! When I went to rearrange everything in my sidebar so it would have some semblance of order, the same friggin problem happened! I could add new elements but they will appear at the very top and there is no way to move it.

Okay, that's fine, there must be something wrong with my template and decided on a new one. That is the one you currently see which I am not very happy with. It will stay up though until you get this problem fixed because I refuse to do all that work tweaking HTML and all that until I know everything is running right. So guess what, after doing all that work, I decided it was time to find out what you could tell me about the situation, which apparently is absolutely nothing because all your blog said, in November of '09 is that you were aware of the problem and investigating. So my question is this: Are you finished investigating and ready to actually fix the problem? Because although, yes I am a very random person, I do like having my blog organized and not looking like a baby with his hair sticking up from a cow sucking on his head. Is that clear enough for ya?

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