Fresh Update

Ok so this is going to be the first post of the night then I have a couple other things I want to share with you. They might be split up into two posts, I haven't decided yet. First I want to say I think Gram is doing well. She's not happy about going through what she's going through so she's taking things out on Mom and the rest of the family but personally I think it will pass. She hasn't been mean to me on the phone so far but things might change when I go home in a couple of weeks. School ends on May 12 for me then I'm going to the doctor at my mom's to make sure I'm 100% healthy before going home. So we'll see how things really are then.

I have a question for you guys. Why is it that when bad stuff comes into your life it's never one thing at a time? I ask this because after finding out about Gram I decided to go to my mom's house for a little weekend break from school and my dad ran over my 13 year old German Shepherd. Now I'm a smart person, I've grown up around animals, had animals all my life, so I know not to touch an animal in pain but like a dumbass I reached for my dog and she promptly bit my right hand which just so happens to be my dominant hand.
The tip of my index finger had to be stitched up and the doctor isn't sure if my nail will grow back or not. The middle finger's third knuckle is cracked, the pinkie's second knuckle is also cracked and my pinkie nail has been broken completely across but the crack in it will grow out as my nail grows. The ring finger and thumb took no damage.

So now I'm trying to do everything with my left hand and it sucks. My dog had to be put down because her hips broke when the truck hit her. Daddy buried her at the farm, Mr. Cup and Mr. Giant helped him bury her.
And I guess that's all for this update. I'm about to write another post that Mr. Giant has been pushing me to share with you guys. I think Mr. Giant is more excited about it than I am lol.


D.Suplicki said...

I would have reached for my dog too. When someone you care about is hurt and in pain, common sense seems to evaporate and the need to comfort and hold is overwhelming.

I'm so sorry for your loss and I truly hope your hand heals quickly. You're due for a whole lot of sunshine soon, dear. *hugs*

Nydia said...

I'm so sorry about your dog! I agree with Danni, I would have done the same too, it's instinctive. I hope your hand gets better asap! As for your grandma, now it's a day at a time, the important thing is that she's fighting.
And now I'm curious about the next post!

Kisses from us.

Rue said...

So terribly sorry to hear about your dog! Too much sadness for you lately, sweetie. I agree with Danni - it's time for some good things coming your way.

I hope your hand heals well and you have no problems with the nail. I also hope that Grandma finds a way to get through this time without being too hard on you and your mom.

Hugs to you.

Dirgesinger said...

R.I.P. little friend of Yours! Animals are little gods, and I know how painful it is to part. i have lost a hedgie last year, and the only comfort was the he is now is Animal Heaven. And so is Your dog!

Linda Medrano said...

I'm so sorry about the pup! Being a dog lover too, I am really saddened to hear this. On top of Grams being sick, and your poor hand! Damn! Yes, it's time for some good things to come knocking at your door!