Update On Grandma

Today is Grandma's birthday so I called her to say Happy Birthday. She sounded much better on the phone, and my aunt was there so I got a complete update on everything. The doctor told Gram they want her to try the chemo, which will give us another year with her, because they want to try to contain the cancer to get her potassium levels back up. They told her the decision is completely hers and that she doesn't have to do it just because they want her to. She told them she's not a quitter and she wants to try it.

Everyone is holding onto hope. Things are getting better but we all know how cancer works so we're trying not to be unrealistic either. I asked Granddad if it is still okay for me to come home over the summer and he said that it's always been my home and if anyone tries to tell me otherwise they have to go through him first. So I'll be going home as soon as school is over, well after I go to the doctor and make sure I'm 100% healthy before going home. At first I'm going to try to hold down a summer job in town at one of our locally owned restaurants but like Granddad told me I have to be ready to take care of Gram at the drop of a hat so if my employers don't understand that I won't work. So far that's all we know. Gram is going to try the next two rounds of chemo and they are trying to lower her dosage of morphine. I have more things I would like to share with you guys that are more blog related and I'll get around to that in a couple of days, I just wanted to update everyone. Also, to Julie and Dirge, I get my check this coming up Tuesday so as soon as I get that I'll drop your books in the mail. I apologize for taking so long on that.


Nydia said...

One good thing is giving your grandma her right of decision about what to do to herself, this is wonderful. Another awesome thing is her strenght. And being realistic about this sad disease is another positive point - I know this first-hand.
I know how hard it is to deal with something so scary, but it's beautiful to feel the love involved.
I'll keep her in my thoughts, Willow.

Kisses and love from us.

Dirgesinger said...

Its okay dear! Take any time You need. Your Grandma is the first to think about. I am so happy about Her decision, thats a very brave thing to do, and gods love the brave men! I never quit saying prayers for Her and for the family too.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your Grandma.

My sister was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer last month and she is doing chemo and trying to keep her sodium levels up too.

She lives on the other side of the country so I'm getting on a plane for the first time in 9 years to visit her.

Healing thoughts for your grandma.

Linda Medrano said...

Darling this is wonderful news! If your Gram gets just a little more time, it's worth the nightmare of chemo. My Mom had 7 more years after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had surgery and chemo and it gave her time to do what she wanted and needed to do. I know how painful this period is for you and I'm so sorry. Still, I know that just your presence and your love give your grandma such happiness in her life and always have. You are such a special and wonderful young woman! I wish you the very best life has to offer!