Getting Things Together

The blog is all dressed up and ready for Halloween. I'm not looking forward to putting it back after Halloween but for now I don't have to worry about it for a little over a month! I wrote my article for Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween and submitted it moments ago. Thankfully she liked it and I hope you guys do too when yall get to read it. I'm getting great responses to the poll for the new name for the blog. Yall keep voting and on the 15th of October I'll reveal the new name. Oh and guys please use the poll box. I've gotten a couple votes through just the comments and that's fine but I'm having to try to keep up with them by hand and I would absolutely hate it if I messed up and missed someone's vote. Let me know if yall can't see the poll box or if I need to move it or something. Anyway, I need to run to the post office to check the mail, but I'll be back ASAP because I still have to do my post for the Practical Magic Blog Party. So see yall soon and keep leaving me comments and voting on your favorite name for the blog!

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