A New Fun Giveaway

I came across a wonderful giveaway that I found at a blog I am very new to. If you haven't been there before, be sure to stop by Vintage Dragonfly. The artwork there is absolutely amazing. And they are hosting a really neat giveaway. Stop by there and check out the giveaway by clicking here.

Keep coming by daily to stay up to date on all the Halloween happenings that I find. I'll be sure and post about things as soon as I learn about them! And keep voting for the new name of the blog! I'm a little irritated with myself for setting the poll close date so far away lol... I wish I could rename the blog now lol! 

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JoAnne said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and entering my giveaway and for your kind and generous comments on my artwork. Your support is greatly appreciated!
LOVE your header!!!!