14th Day of Halloween Giveaways at Mrs. B's

Mrs. B has 3 giveaways available today. I've entered two of them. One is for these absolutely gorgeous oven mitts that I would die for! I don't have much stuff for my kitchen. I actually own one blue oven mitt and 2 green potholders.... Goddess have compassion and please let Miss Willow win these oven mitts? Check out the mitts here. The next giveaway I entered is for some really cute unmounted stamps. I checked out the shop these come from and I absolutely want all of them lol. Check out the ones being given away here. And now for a little prayer:

Goddess, Willow has seen many things she has lusted after in all of Mrs. B's giveaways. Please have mercy and let her win just one thing this season. Also, please speed up the process my school apparently has to go through to give me my money back. Bills are piling up and if the money isn't here by the 20th Willow has to do without water and electricity. Please help the people processing it to be on top of their game and get through things as speedily as possible. Bless my family, friends, and readers and most especially bless Danni that her eye might get better soon. Keep a watchful eye on Granddad and make sure he is alright. And also please help me get a job at the hotel so I can be a normal person with a job.

I pray for all you guys, and I hope no one was offended when I mentioned specific people. If your in need of prayer, let me know, I'll pray for you too! Also, the new name for the blog will be revealed tomorrow! So keep voting. The winner of the Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup Giveaway will be revealed tomorrow as well! Then on Saturday I am participating in A Fanciful Twist's Halloween Party, and on Sunday I am the guest blogger at Mrs. B's!

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