Halloween Cards

I made a few Halloween cards last night. Two of them are already claimed, one is for Jon at Me Vs. College, and another is for Mom. There's a third one that I don't know who I'm going to give it to but it's really cute. I'll probably be making a few more later. Here are the pics.

This one is Mom's card. I had her pick her own background lol. She doesn't know it yet so I hope she doesn't just decide to look at the blog today lol.

This one is Jon's. It's okay if he sees the front of it lol, but he can't read the inside until it gets to him. Jon this one is probably going to be late. I have to find some time to be able to get down to the mechanic shop and get my stamps out of my truck lol. My boyfriend is trying to drive me everywhere since I currently have no vehicle while my truck is in the shop, but since we don't live together and he works different hours than I do it gets complicated lol. But it is coming to you I promise!

This one is the cutest of them all I think. I have no idea who it's going to lol, but I love how this one turned out. Right now it's displayed on my coffee table.

Also, I've been secretly teaching myself how to make blog headers. If you would like to see 3 that I made last night go by my new blog (which was also started last night lol). It's called Willow Silverhorse Designs. I kind of just put it up in a hurry but I'll get it prettified soon lol.


Jon said...

It's adorable! I can't wait to get it!

The Frog Queen said...



Wendy said...

These are wonderful Willow! And I'm going to hop on over to your new blog. Congrats :)

Lilly Briar said...

These are wonderful! You did a great job on these! I like the idea of making and giving Halloween cards - tonight I actually gave wrapped Halloween presents to my mom and brother!

Wendy said...

I hope you had a magickal Samhain Willow. I have a blog award waiting for you over on my blog :)