I Am Beautiful

Does the title of this post sound conceited to you? Well, read on for more understanding. Bex over at Bex's Hexes is at it again. She's got another great campaign that I am 100% behind. It is called the I Am A Sexy Goddess Campaign. It's all about accepting yourself, lumps, bumps and all, and accepting other women's beauty too. Have you ever seen a skinny little girl, say she's 5'2" and weighs 95 pounds soaking wet, like my dear friend Miss K, and you've thought to yourself "Damn that chick should eat something." I never thought that with Miss K, no I was jealous of Miss K because that skinny little girl could put whatever she wanted in her mouth and never gain a pound, but I was always open with Miss K about that, wishing I could be able to eat like her and be skinny like her, and you know what she used to tell me? This girl was sought after by all the guys at school. It got to the point where the guys would come up to me and act like they were friends with me because they wanted to get close with Miss K, but Miss K's secret was this: She wished she looked like me. Now I've lost about 10 pounds since coming home from school, but when I was at school, at my highest weight, I weighed 248 and I'm 5'7".

Over Christmas break, Miss K wanted to gain weight so she sat at home, ate everything in sight, and didn't do anything but that. She even tried to just sleep after eating so she wouldn't be active in anyway, and guess what... She never gained a pound and she came back to school disappointed because she had wanted to gain weight so badly. What I learned from that experience was that we both needed each other because we both made each other feel good about the way we looked. I thought Miss K was the cutest thing on the planet and she thought I was a sexy mama lol. We had to learn to love our own bodies, and that's what Bex's campaign is all about. Since meeting Miss K, my confidence shot through the roof. It floored me that someone who was obviously so cute and sexy in her own right thought I was sexy and wished she could look like me. But I've learned that we're all made differently and we have to love the skin we're in, so join Bex's campaign, and help yourself love you and all the other women out there!


Ellison said...

Self-acceptance, especially of the size variety, is one of the hardest things ever. EVER. It's great that you've learned it for yourself! <3

The Frog Queen said...

Well said my dear! Definately something worth sharing.


Faerie Sage said...

This is amazing and it is wrong how many women need this, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing this, I think it is something to be proud of and promoted

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Faerie Sage said...

PS how do you get the rolling blog buttons? I could use this for all the new wonderful blogs I have found!