The Munsters: Who Could Be Any Closer To Halloween?

While I love The Munsters just as much as I do The Addams Family, The Munsters make me think of Halloween even more. When I'm desperately missing Halloween at any time during the rest of the year, I'll look up The Munsters in my Netflix queue and watch it to my hearts content. So, in the spirit of Halloween, here is The Munsters theme song. I really wanted to show you guys at least a partial episode, but this was all I could find on Youtube. It's 6:15 AM central time and I haven't been to sleep yet, but after I've had some shut eye, I will have more Halloween fun coming!


mom68 said...

I love the munsters!!!! They are one of my faverite old shows and on netflix you can get the seasons instantly!!!

Hello Kendra said...

I Love the Munsters! and the Addams Family. thank goddess for netflix. I was just talking to my mum bout playing them for my 9month old nephew.