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Okay guys, this post is for A Fanciful Twist's Halloween Party. I'm sorry the post is up late. I meant to get it up last night, but I didn't feel good so not much was accomplished. Anyway, here it is so I hope you enjoy it :D I just want to welcome all the new visitors from A Fanciful Twist and fellow partiers. Your welcome to look over my blog all you like. I've recently changed the name of my bloggy home. It was formerly known as A College Witch's Experiences, and now goes by the name Confessions of a Country Witch. Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy.

My contribution to this party is the tarot card of the day. I finally got my tarot cards back in my possession and since then I've been pulling my own card of the day and recording it in my journal, but for the party I decided to pull a general card that could fit everyone and everyone could enjoy and ponder on their own. The card I pulled is the Knight of Pumpkins from my Halloween Tarot Deck.

The Knight of Pumpkins can represent many things. He could represent a gift of prosperity, fertility, maybe even of comfort. Pumpkins in the deck stand for Pentacles in other decks, which represent Earth. Earth brings about many gifts such as fertility, stability, prosperity, and comfort. This card is a sign of change, something young and new. It could even represent a person, usually a young man or young woman in touch with her masculine side who is levelheaded and steadfast, but might have the tendency to be stubborn and unmoving like the mountains. It could indicate the birth of a child, or it could indicate a change of residency for the better. Whatever the Knight represents to you be sure to accept it with understanding and flexibility.

This is only my interpretation of this card. In Tarot, these cards can take on different meanings depending on what they are trying to say, and no two readers will get the same interpretation from the same card. Yes there are some guidelines you can go by, but it is always best to go by your own intuition when reading tarot cards. I hope you enjoyed my tarot card of the day. May it bring you blessings of prosperity, fertility, stability, comfort, and joy.

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Susan said...

Thank you :) I do not have a Tarot deck yet, my son does though. Is it a good thing to have more than one deck? do they mean different things? are the different decks for different people etc? I'd love to know.


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Linda Henderson said...

I'm new to your blog and I'm here from the Halloween party. I enjoyed your post and look forward to coming back.

seriousreader at live dot com

Maria-Thérèse ~ www.afiori.com said...

I've never, ever tried tarot!!
Happy Halloween

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Annabelle said...

Interesting...and interesting blog.Will return.

~^..^~ Annabelle

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Aisha said...

I like the change!!! Too cool. thanks for sharing the tarot you pulled its funny how each one will speak differently to each person. Thanks for posting