Friday Confessions: Confession #2

The confessions are back! Are you guys ready? For my second confession I think I'm going to stay small again and go with another quirk I have. I promise we'll get into deeper things but it takes time to open up about certain things. So this Friday I confess that I have a food hoarding problem. I don't have an eating disorder, I don't over or under eat, I just have a fear of running out of food so I stash some back. My kitchen has terrible storage space so I have a huge storage tub that I use for extra storage. I can see my tub getting low and I replenish even before I've ever seen the bottom of the tub. Mom and Dad take me to Sam's Club and I stock up on restaurant sized portions of things like apple sauce, vienna sausages, and things that I think I'll need to get by if everything else runs out. I've even caught myself hiding my favorite snacks in my nightstand, just in case I want them at some point and don't have them.

The weird thing about this quirk is I don't have the problem when someone is living with me. It's important that they be able to eat so I try not to hide things in my nightstand or hoard food or have too much food on hand. I don't worry that I'll run out of food when I have visitors, I just worry that I'll run out when I'm alone. It's weird because you would think I would worry about it more when there are more mouths to feed because food goes faster then but I only worry about it when I'm alone. I don't think it's a huge issue because I know that I have a small problem and I even know why I have that problem. So when I go grocery shopping I always ask myself are you buying this because you really want it or are you buying it to hoard it? So that's confession number two. Do any of you guys have a weird issue with food?

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SilverFox said...

Very interesting, and love this idea. I have food issues but on a more personal level.

I do think it very odd the reversal of worrying less when there are more people. lol