Welcoming the God - The Art of Being Silent

I am your guest poster today my dear friends! Yes, me, you're friendly Country Witch Willow. Okay, okay, so I'm not a guest, but I thought you guys were here because you like me, not because of the cool loot you have a chance to win ;-). Well, either way, you're here and you expect a post, and by the gods you're gonna get one lol. I'm in a very silly mood tonight as I write this, and I just got to watch Eat, Pray, Love for the first time, so I'm feeling very zen as well, which is what made me think of what I want to write about tonight. 

The art of being still and silent is an amazing practice. I admit, I'm not very good at it... I have horrendous ADD and it can be hard for me to focus on anything and make my mind shut up long enough to be still and silent, but on the rare occasions when it has become possible for me to sit still and be silent for up to an hour, I have come away from the experiences feeling comforted, rested, reassured, and enlightened. While this is a practice that I'm sure I need to work at more, I highly suggest trying it. It can be hard to get your mind quiet and to keep your body still, but if you succeed at it for even a small amount of time, the pay off is worth the struggle. 

I want you to try this: go outside and sit in the nice warm sunshine. Sit there for as long as you can just sitting and being silent. Listen to the sound of your breath, listen to the birds, the wind, the cars passing by, everything. Let the sun soak into you. Sit still, be silent and just listen. Watch the world around you, but keep silent. Breathe in the peace of nature, and just enjoy being. If you start getting sore or fidgety, you'll know it's time to stop, but keep working at this every day. This will help you be able to eventually clear your mind and you will be able to sit outside on your front porch and meditate. 

What other way is there to get closer to nature and to the God than to sit outside, and just be? Sitting outside, being silent can forge a deep and profound bond between you and the God. By choosing to be silent, you offer an opportunity for the God to speak to you. It's kind of like that really good friend you have that you want to tell so much to but they just won't be quiet for you to be able to tell them all those wonderful things. The God cannot speak to you if he can't get a word in edge wise! 

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Lilac SilverFox said...

When it's not white and bitter outside I will definitely be doing some meditation outdoors hehe
Very beautiful post!