Welcoming the God - Dark Goddess' God (Guest Post & Giveaway)

My Dark Goddess NEEDS His Bright God – Giveaway

The eleventh guest post oozed out of Magaly Guerrero’s darkish-wicked-cool mind. She is the creator of Pagan Culture, a blog about witchy things and sexy, dark, and bloody fiction. Stop by her blog, and find out how to win a copy of Spicy, Earthy, Sweet by Erin O’Riordan (Must be 18 to enter this contest).

My gods are the different aspects of Nature. I see my darker side in the pitch black of the Dark Moon. The brightness exists in my triumphs, smiles, friends, family… in my lover’s touch. My spirituality and my writing linger somewhere in between. I believe everything contains a bit of everything else, which is why I don’t see the gods as individual entities. To me, they are—and will always be—The Old Ones: a balanced ONE made of two complimenting halves.

And when I think about The God… Oh! I see all the wild things that remind me that I’m a woman who craves to be touched, wanted, and loved by her man.

I’ve always known that my truest self embraces the darker aspects of The Goddess—nothing evil, just the mysterious enough to make most people shy away from it: blood, sex, the uncanniness of death. I think of my likes as very natural. Don’t all animals bleed, have carnal desires, and eventually travel to the Summerland? Yet, even my darkish optimistic self understands that my mind can be a scary place; it needs balance. I’ve found it in my writing, my family, my friends, and most of all, I’ve found it in my Piano Man.

My Dark Goddess NEEDS His Bright God. One cannot exist—at least not in my soul—without the other. I believe that the power of The Old Ones—the opposite forces that exist in all living things—truly thrives when both aspects are embraced. I said once that I’ve been guilty of neglecting The God, but I should take that back—I just didn’t know what my goddess’s god looked like. Silly; I know, for he has been with me all this time.

I acknowledge the male aspect of Nature in the smiles of the males in my life: my nephew (who is more like my son), my father, my brothers, guy friends, and in everything masculine. I celebrate The Wild God in the arms of my Piano Man. In the sounds that escape my mouth when he touches me; in the way he holds me when we sleep, in our daily 1313 ‘I love yous’; in the fact that his brightness accepts and embraces the darkness that lives in me.

I’m officially welcoming The Wild God into my life; even if I now recognize that He has always been with ME.   


The Frog Queen said...

Great post.

Sorry I have not been following this like I should - just very busy. Off to catch up!!


Dragonfly said...

Fantastic post, agree with alot of what you said. Without dark, you can't have light. There is some darkness in all of us and is something that should be seen as natural, not something we need to run from. As long as we have some light in our life as well we will be balanced.

Magaly Guerrero said...

The Frog Queen - Gracias!

Dragonfly - You said it beautifully. "Without dark, you can't have light."