Welcoming the God - Invocation to the God of Spring

Today's guest post is provided by Kally of Kally's Cauldron. Check out her blog to see more of her awesome writing!

I’m so honoured to be able to post here today.   A big thanks goes to Willow for organizing this fantastic welcoming of the God.  So often, we find ourselves focusing solely on the Goddess while the God is pushed into the background or forgotten completely.  This is unfortunate because, like most of creation, there is duality in the Divine and both polarities deserve our honour and respect.
When I heard about this blog party, I knew immediately that I wanted to participate and felt compelled to write an Invocation to the God.  I hope you enjoy!!

Invocation to the God of Spring
Hail! Oh Ancient God of the Hunt,
Master of the Underworld,
Odin, Adonis, Ra, Cernunnos.
Great God of the Wood,
Sew your seeds of rebirth,
Bring forth life anew from the wastelands of winter.
Great God of the Field,
Seer of things unseen,
Burst forth in glorious song as spring returns.
Great God of Passion,
Enshrined in creation,
Renew once more the lifeforce of your people.

Brightest blessings to all!


Willow Silverhorse said...

Want an extra entry to the giveaway? Drop by Kally's blog and comment on her post First Steps in Meditation.

SilverFox said...

Such an empowering post!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Kally