Welcoming the God - The Many Blessings of The God

Our guest post today comes from the amazing Faerie Sage from Faerie Sage Kitchen. She is an awesome writer and wonderful person all around. Please stop by her blog and check it out!

Today I have the greatest pleasure to be able to write a guest blog for Willow at Confessions of a Country Witch, for ‘welcoming the god’.  Since the 15thwe have been welcoming the God back to the land in all his glory.  Originally I had intended to give you a more in depth post regarding how I welcome the god back into the fold, but instead this year, the God has decided to pull me into the fold and so I will share the store of my fate with you 
along with the pictures of my spring here on the coast of British Columbia.
The story of my fate is long and unending, so I will have to start and end rather in the middle.

As a late twenty some woman, I have been going to school almost constantly since I was five years old.  Last year around this time I completed my Masters degree in archaeology and was greatly looking forward to finally working in the field which I had put so much money and effort into getting my schooling in. Alas it was not to be, hard as I tried no such job appeared and the longer I tried the less confidence I had.  Living on the coast of British Columbia I am blessed to have very little winter and a very early spring full of birds bees and flowers.  So this year as winter wound to an end I decided to simply go with the flow of life, to welcome spring to enjoy the beauty of the earth and to wait for the arrival of the god.  Well the god arrived with a force this year, and he brought with him a change of fortune for me.  I sent a resume out to an archaeological firm, the next day I had an email back asking for an interview and the day after that I was interviewing for the job.  Three days after I sent the resume I had been sent, and accepted, a job offer to be a full time permanent archaeologist with this consulting company.  In half a month I will be moving from the coast of British Columbia to the north above the northern living line!  As spring has officially sprung and the god has re-emerged into our lives, he brings with him great change for those who are ready and willing to accept it, he brings hopes and dreams, opportunities and joys.  So this year the coming of the god has been a whirlwind, of surprise excitement and very busy energy! So be aware, allow the god and the goddess to bring you to them as much as you bring them to yourself, because they offer great things, often far better than we ourselves imagined

It is my hope that you enjoy these little tidbits of spring from our garden here in coastal B.C.


Lilac SilverFox said...

Beautiful pics and congrats!!

Mama's Thyme said...

Beautiful post! I think my daughter is destined to go into archaeology as well, currently she's obsessed with Egypt and Dr. Zahid Hawass. I love your "go with the flow" attitude towards your change in plans.

Dragonfly said...

Congratulations on your new job, the universe seems to have a way of sorting us out when we stop trying to control things and go with the flow. Love the photos, they really showcase the feeling of spring. Best of luck with your new life north of the line, I hope you make great discoveries.

In frith x