Welcoming the God - The Plot of a Portager

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Is it wrong of me to be OVER it (talking about Winter) once the Holidays are finished?

     I am NOT a fan of January and February. To me they represent the dark of Winter that I have to go through to get to the light of Spring...and I just don't have much patience for sitting in the dark.

     This year, I thought I would take a different approach and try to befriend January and February. I have taken this time (so far so good) to read, cook, plan my life, take naps with Mr. Wilson on rainy Sundays, and play on the Wii with the Daring Duo. It hasn't been too bad, all in all. 

     Of course we aren't finished with January yet...but I am trying to stay positive. I am learning that the trick to making the last of winter pass is to stay busy and focused on all the things headed our way come Spring.

     One of the things I have focused on is the planning of a "Potager". A Potager is a French Kitchen Garden which ideally grows year-round. It can be large and ornate or small and wild. It not only incorporates vegetables and herbs, but flowers of some variety for cutting. The point of a Potager is to be able daily to pick fresh herbs or vegetables to cook with, and this includes the Fall and Winter months. Cultivating a Potager means taking the last of the crop and turning it under to make way for new growth and plants. Something is always growing, and something is always being used.

     In the spirit of Potager-ing (actually, I just am a book nerd at heart) I ordered the absolutely adorable "In the French Kitchen Garden: The Joys of Cultivating a Potager". Written by Georgeanne Brennan, and illustrated by Melissa Sweet, it tells the personal story of author Georgeanne over a period in her life, living on two separate continents...all the while undertaking the life-affirming task of cultivating a Potager. I only paid about three dollars for my copy. I bought it used. I might be a book nerd at heart, but I'm a thrifty one.

      Now I am IN SEARCH OF...herbs, vegetables, flowers. I really don't need the flowers, my Mom is an avid gardener who grows the most beautiful and hardy flowers in the middle of a city known for it's awful summers. She loves her flowers and they repay that love by being the most prolific plants to be found in Baltimore City. She has seeds in abundance.

     I love to "window-web-shop" at the Burpee website. I have purchased from them over the last 20 years, everything from tree seedlings to flowers to seeds, and they are a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend them. I am considering Sweet Tangerine Peppers, a collection of Heirloom Tomatoes, and most certainly some of this Basil, "Round Midnight". We will probably grow some cucumbers, yellow or orange peppers, and that's just for this season. The "Flying Saucer Collection" lettuce looks like it would be a good fit for my garden needs.

I can't wait to get started. Nothing better than giving an Irish gal a reason to dig in the dirt.

Bain sult as! (Enjoy!)

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Dragonfly said...

A garden is always a joy to be in and also I feel the one place where god can always be found, no matter who or what you percive him to be.

Good luck with your potager, I'm lucky to have a large garden, though I have to admit I don't do much of the veg growing myself as they are the province of him indoors, I am happier with my flowers. Have to admit nothing tastes as good as home grown produce.