Welcoming the God - Quetzalcoatl

So, first off I'd just like to say a big thank you to Willow and to say how excited I am to be participating in this event! First blog party for me, so am hoping you'll enjoy what I have for you today. After hearing about this party, and quickly jumping on board, I decided this was the perfect excise to finally sit down and find my personal Patron. I researched into a couple of my books, but of course any books with just a mention of Gods and Goddesses normally only mention the more 'popular' names and pantheons, so I took my search to wikipedia. Yup, amazingly large amount of information on many pantheons. I read and read and read. I went through all of the Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Japanese, and Mayan Gods with little luck. I have my favourites in a couple but none that truly spoke to me. I was on my last page of the Mayan Gods and told myself if I didn't find one after this last one, I was giving in for the day and would resume my research the next. Well, I skimmed through the information and a name jumped out at me Quetzalcoatl I have no clue where I'd heard this name before, but I know I have....for some reason I was drawn to click his link and read on about him. I'd never thought to look at the Aztec pantheons. I think he wanted it that way. While we don't have a whole lot "in common" for personality and such, I do respect him, and feel connected in subtle ways. I have gathered some information on him for you today. The first section is mixed from wikipedia, the section after my drawing is from http://www.paganbookofhours.org/index.html

A feathered serpent deity. Often considered the God of the Morning Star due to the myths about his death (in remorse, he threw himself onto a lit funeral pyre. His ashes became birds who took his heart and flew into the sky, thus his heart became the Morning Star) He was known as the inventor of books and the calendar, the giver of maize to mankind, and sometimes the symbol of death and resurrection. He was also against any live sacrifices. (this last part spoke to me, as I have been Vegetarian for nearly 12yrs and an Animal Rights activist)

Day: November 21st
Colors: bright red, gold, green, blue
Element: Air
Altar Decorations: multi-colored cloth, many different colored feathers, plate of chocolate
Daily meal: Mexican food, chocolate

"Feathered serpent
Creature of the earth that learned to fly
You who brought gifts of civilized and culture to a troubled people
You who fought against the unnecessary sacrifices of the greedy Gods
Once a God, now a man, always a mystery
You who sailed away to the West and one day promised to return
Who is always fair, 
Brighten our minds with thoughts and dance and run
And finally leave the Earth
And fly"

I hope enjoyed my little piece. Also, for anyone interested in seeing more of my art, I'd love for you to visit me at  http://www.Lilac-SilverFox.deviantart.com

Blessed Be


Magaly Guerrero said...

I have a lot of admiration for Quetzalcoatl and his people. I enjoy learning about gods that take a hands on approach when interacting with those who follow them.

I recently reread MALINCHE by Laura Esquivel. In this work of fiction one can see how close and devout Quetzalcoatl's followers are.

Thanks very much for sharing!

Dragonfly said...

I'm loveing this blog party and learning of all the different pantheons of gods. Quetzalcoatl is another one I have not heard of, your post is very informative, thanks and I think your artwork is super.