Book Review: Solitary Seance by Raymond Buckland

So, even during moving I can still find time to read and do a book review for you guys! Earlier I emailed Llewellyn Publishers and requested a couple of books to be able to review. They sent them to me in exchange for me reviewing them. Here's the first one. Solitary Seance by Raymond Buckland is a very informative book. I really enjoyed reading about the different ways that a person can contact spirits. However, the book was a little short and seemed a little vague on certain points.

There were several things that surprised me when it came to ways to contact the dead. I had no idea I could contact them using the Tarot, for instance. If you want to read about different ways to contact the dead this is the book for you. If you want something that digs deeply into seances and their history, etc. find some other book. All in all, while slightly disappointing, this is a wonderful book to introduce you to solitary seances. Really the only reason I find this book slightly disappointing is because I was hoping for more. I wanted to dig deeper and broaden my understanding. I did broaden my understanding of different techniques and got to have a couple of conversations with my grandma, but all in all I had hoped for way more from this book. I do recommend this book because it is a good, quick read.


mom68 said...

glad you had time to read it, what little that I looked over it it was very interesting to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing as I had been looking at this one but wondered if in fact it was in depth.

Lilac SilverFox said...

I only have two of his books, candleburning rituals and the biiiig revised beginners one (cuz I'm foggy and can't remember the name now...) but haven't read either of them yet. This one sounds sort of interesting though.
Hope the moves going well!!

Muse Mama said...

I'm sorry it was a bit disappointing. But thank you for the review. It wouldn't be what I would be looking for and it's nice to know that before paying for it. Love the blog, and am now following!