Releasing Fears Meditation

As a bit of a follow up on my blog on fears last time I want to add to that this time. There are many things we can use to banish our fears... banishment spells, meditations, etc. This time I want to focus on a meditation for releasing fears. Next time I'll include a good spell for getting rid of fears which can also be used to get rid of bad habits. This meditation comes from Grimoire For The Green Witch: A Complete Book of Shadows by Ann Moura, page 175 in Chapter 7 titled Meditations.

Releasing Fears Meditation
Note: This meditation is to help open the line of communication between the Practitioner and the Dark Aspects of the Divine through facing and releasing the fears and anxieties that may have been part of your life for many years.
Have: a purple or black votive working candle; incense of frankincense or sandalwood.
1. May first take a warm, candlelit bath, scented with herbs [rosemary, basil, thyme, valerian; either a combination of these or just one whatever your preference is] tied in a muslin pouch; dress in comfortable clothes or whatever feels natural.
2. Be in a place where you will not be disturbed for quite some time, and have the light off.
3. Light candle and the incense.
4. Gaze into flame, sitting and facing North [may prerecord meditation].
5. Envision the votive candle as the Light that shines in the Land of Shadows; the Lamp that lights the path to wisdom.
6. Enter meditative state; now you are ready to identify and dispel your fears.
7. You are in an atmosphere of safety; sitting within the comfort of a shallow, airy, hermit's cave [or other area to your liking].
See yourself in a small, circular cave with an arched entry that gives you a view of the outside. The stony walls and ceiling form an alcove around you. The ground is covered with moss and leaves, and you are sitting on a soft bearskin rug. You are facing the opening to the cave and can see that you are in a secure place near the top of a mountain, at a vantage point that allows you to look out over the forest beneath the mountain. The Sun is setting, casting long shadows over the land. The cave darkens. The Sun disappears completely, taking the last of the colors with it, and the stars come out in the evening sky. There is a cool breeze bringing the sweet scents of the night to you. You are at peace.
Now that the scene is mentally fixed, focus on a question:
What do I fear?
Images may begin to appear, which may include varieties of deaths, frightening faces, and so forth. Let the images come and go, but with each one that appears, ask:
Why do I fear this?
Listen for the answer, knowing you are safe from any image that appears to you. Then ask:
What are these fears?
Listen to the answers, allowing the images to be unmasked, and realize that once a fear is known and exposed, it no longer has power over you. After you have faced your own fears and unmasked them, banish them with:
The images fade away, often with a little laugh, for fear is only a game, after all, that you had allowed yourself to take too seriously. Stars shine again in the sky, you smile, breathe in deeply the night air, and as you exhale, the tensions of fears dissipate. You take another breath, and inhale the sense of all being right in the world. You are back in your meditation place, and may return to the cave whenever needed.
This is a strong meditation usually used for huge fears that have haunted you for years and kept you from living the full life you wish to have. Although it can work quite well for smaller fears, it is usually best saved for the larger fears because it takes a lot of energy. Of course that is only my experience with it... it may be different for you. Part of the Craft is figuring out your own path, creating your own meditations, spells, and so on, so it is always best to try something out the way you want to do it. I will suggest that you only do this meditation during the waning moon, new moon, or dark of the moon, because it works with the darker aspects of the Goddess, working with your fears and the darker aspect of yourself. Anytime you work with the darker aspect of yourself or the Lord and/or Lady it's usually best to save those workings for waning, new, or dark moons.

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