Finding Beauty

Recently I started reading a lovely blog called Domesticated Gypsy and the most recent post was called Women Who Find Beauty. In this post she speaks of associating herself with women who find beauty. I was inspired by this blog and wanted to post something about it.

Finding beauty is never hard, however, some people become so disenchanted with their lives that they cannot see the beauty in anything. I've been there, I know how that feels. Even the brightest, prettiest day can be ugly if you look at things with the wrong point of view. Well wait, I don't want to say "wrong" point of view because even negativity isn't wrong, it's just the opposite of positivity. So let me rephrase that and say even the prettiest day can be ugly if you look at things in a negative light.

Sometimes people become so covered up in negativity it's hard to see why anything is worth your time. Getting out of bed becomes a chore, bathing, taking care of your family, loving your family, all these things become the hardest things you could ever do. But when you change your mindset and decide to think a little more positively, finding beauty is as easy as opening your eyes and taking in your surroundings.

Now I've never lived in the city so I won't comment on trying to find beauty in the city because I have absolutely no experience with that. But I've bounced between living in town with my mom and on the ranch with my grandparents all my life so that's what I'm going to focus on. On the ranch, beauty surrounds us, even in the winter. Grandma mourns when the winter comes around because her beautiful flowers die but she always knows they'll come back in the spring whether because they rebloom (or whatever you call it ... This witch doesn't know a whole lot about gardening although I dearly wish to learn) or because she replants and reseeds. But you can look all around you, no matter what time of year it is and find something beautiful. A cardinal hanging out in the tree outside of our picture window in the kitchen, the horses coming in for feed at 4:30 every day just like clockwork, the dogs running and playing with each other, the hills that Granddad and I ride over almost everyday when I'm home covered in fog.

In town with Mom I have to admit it sometimes becomes a chore to find beauty there. The town she lives in is a little farming town and even in town if you look past our backyard you find a cotton field. There are also all kinds of pump jacks for pumping oil, and the land is absolutely flat ... It is my belief you could look towards the horizon and see forever. The land has been abused by oil field workers and there always seems to be more dirt than grass. But if you care to look you can find things of beauty. Gardens that the older women nurture and take care of each season, the birds that enjoy back and front yards filled with honeysuckle and many other plants, the clear blue sky, the sparkling night sky. My point is if a person takes joy in nature and in the beauty of Mother Nature, they will never be without beauty.

My favorite ways of finding beauty involve nature but it's easy to find beauty in people too. Sometimes that can be hard because like it or not, we do live in a world that has a lot of negativity in it, but there are many people out there that are beautiful. I'm not talking about superficial beauty, superficial beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I'm talking about a person's natural, personal, soul beauty. And yes that is spelled right, I do mean the beauty of a person's soul.

We've all met people that you instantly like because they are beautiful. A person who isn't sure what they are looking at won't  understand it but that kind of beauty isn't about what they look like or wear or anything superficial, it's all about how beautiful their soul is. These kinds of people smile a lot, always have open arms and hearts, and are always there to lend a helping hand. People with beautiful souls aren't that hard to find, just like in finding beauty in nature you just have to be open to it. That's the key to a lot of things in life, finding beauty in people and nature, finding love, finding true friends ... You have to open your heart to these things. I won't go into talking about opening your heart to things just yet because I plan on writing a blog specifically about that later, so all I will say is in order to find beauty in anything you have to open your heart to it and be willing to see it.

These are some of the ways I find beauty. How do you find beauty? What do you consider to be beauty?

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