Help From Strangers

As I'm sure you guys know, what from the lack of lots of posts, etc., my blog is very new. I'm new to some of this and for a while, while trying to make this blog into a thing of beauty, I have reached out to many people. I've asked questions about creating my button which was answered by the lovely Mrs. B over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom and about creating the scrolling button exchange which was answered by the writer of Domestic Witch in a blog because apparently my comments aren't working lol. If you're interested in her blog about the scrolling button exchange you can read her post here. I've also asked Domestic Witch how to fix my comments area ... I'm sure these nice women will get tired of my questions along the way but I'm writing this post to let both of them know just how much I greatly appreciate their help.

In a world where you generally have to figure things out for yourself, I've been blessed to find people that I've never personally met that have really been a big help to me. My grandparents always taught me that the only stupid question is the question left unasked but there have been times in my 22 years that I've run into problems when asking questions about things I generally don't know. So, I just want to think Mrs. B and Domestic Witch for all the help they have given me! I hope they get to read this and I hope we can become good friends! Brightest blessings Mrs. B and Domestic Witch! And to everyone else who reads this post! I want to thank everyone who has been of help in making my blog happen and if I've missed someone's names I'm so sorry ... It's been a long couple of days.

So along with my heartfelt thanks to Mrs. B and Domestic Witch, I want to thank everyone who follows A College Witch's Experiences, and a big thanks goes out to my best friend here at school, Miss K (whom you'll remember from my post OMG! You're A Witch?!) for helping pick out the button for A College Witch's Experiences because if she hadn't found the picture she found I would have used one that didn't fit the feel of the blog and when she showed this one to me I knew it was perfect! So thank you to everyone who has helped and who reads this blog! Have a good day!

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