Superbowl Sunday

I'm not a very big football fan. I'll go watch my friends play for our school, but I don't really understand why people want to watch a bunch of strangers beat each other up. However, as I write this, Miss K is sitting in my living room with a friend of ours, eagerly commentating and oohing and aaahing. Maybe this says something about me? Why am I sitting here working on the blog while Miss K and our friend laugh and enjoy the game? In all honesty, I'm happier to be sitting at my computer working on posts and new layouts for the blog than I am sitting in front of the television watching crazy people beat each other up over a misshapen ball.

Miss K has been running around like a weirdo all day. She's so excited about this game that she's basically vibrating with excitement. This, for her, is a way of connecting with memories of home. She is from Florida and coming to school here in Texas keeps her from being able to spend much time with her family. So for that reason, I'm excited about her excitement but definitely not about the game.

That's not the only reason I'm writing this post though. I wanted to write and say the things I would do for Superbowl Sunday if I lived in my own place rather than the dorms. I may not enjoy the football but I do enjoy Superbowl parties. If I had my own place I would probably bake some cakes, barbecue, and just have a wonderful time. Now, believe it or not, but this little Witch loves to bake! It's torture living in the dorms and not being able to make bread, cakes, pies, cookies, and all the other wonderful delights that magickally come out of the oven lol. Here we are only allowed to use a microwave and who ever heard of making cookies that taste right in the microwave?

That brings a new thought to mind. I may start trying to find microwave recipes and sharing them here. That would at least keep me entertained and keep me from getting overly bored with the University Cafeteria food. Anyway, as useless as this post has been, I just wanted to share all this with you. For all of you enjoying the Superbowl, I hope you have a great time.

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Mother's Moon's Message said...

yes.... I watched the game yet my net book sat on my lap the whole time... what can I say.... As far as the cooking in a dorm room.. believe me it is very possible... have to tweek the recipes a bit but it can be done...esp... if you have microwave.... grabbbed your button....