My Book Of Shadows

I finally decided on how I want to do my BOS, and I've decided on doing it scrapbook style. I've made three pages already and would like to share them with you.

This was the second page I did. I like it but I feel like I'm getting better as I go along.

This was the very first page I did. It's the page I made for Aphrodite. The background is vintage Valentine's day images and I put a butterfly sticker, a romance sticker, a sticker that says Amore, and four stickers that spell out love. There's also a heart sticker at the top right hand corner but it just blends in lol. I will probably end up redoing this page because Miss K was in a hurry to go do something and I didn't get to do as much with it as I wanted. Mom says we'll go to Hobby Lobby this weekend and get more stickers and paper so I can work on all this some more.

This is the last page I did. It is my book blessing page. It will go before the cover page and the page for Aphrodite. I texted this picture to Mom and she liked it a lot. I like it too. I definitely feel like I'm getting better with each page that I do lol.

Miss K has been a tremendous help with this. She offers her opinion on adding stickers, etc. Although I know in the end this is a personal book I don't mind sharing it with my friends and seeing what opinions they have. I'll ask for an opinion and if I don't agree with it I'll do something else. I'm glad I have friends that understand that instead of getting upset when I don't use all of their ideas.


Sarita Rucker said...

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who gets help from her mom. :)

Willow Silverhorse said...

LOL my mom helps me with basically everything but I'm teaching her about magick because she didn't really know anything about it until I got interested in it when I was 15

AusGaia said...

Beautiful. I'm redoing my bos at the monent and never thought about adding scrapbook stickers.

Bridgett said...

I think you're doing a lovely job!