My New Tarot Cards

I promised I would share my new tarot cards with you so here they are! I'm also sharing my mom's new cards with everyone because I think they are absolutely beautiful and I'm thinking about buying my own set.

This is the book that goes a long with my new deck. It actually may take some time for me to get connected with these. I thought they were beautiful when I picked up the box but some of them are kind of weird to me.

These are Mom's and they have a lovely Asian feel to them but bring fairies to mind as well. (By the way what is the difference between fairies and faeries?)

A Celtic Cross layout with Mom's cards. Sorry I couldn't get closer to them so you could see the cards in better detail. I've been using my phone to take the pictures for the blog.

The back of one of Mom's cards.

The back of one of my new cards.

Celtic Cross with my cards.

And that's all for the cards. I may be able to add more pictures of readings I do with better detail so you can see them closer. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

beautiful cards.. It seems that everyone is giving in and purchasing new cards... It think that I may soon sucumb to the temptation as I have seen too many that appear to be simply beautiful... enjoy

Willow Silverhorse said...

I have to admit, I am a tarot card addict lol. I like collecting them just because they are pretty. Even if I don't use them to read because we don't really connect past "Oh these are so cute!," I still love collecting them.

Sarita Rucker said...


Maybe I should share a photo of my first Tarot deck...I think people will get a laugh out of them. They're funny.

To answer your question, I am fairly certain that faery is just another way of spelling fairy. Anyways, that's what it seems like to me, and when I write I just use whichever spelling I feel like (usually faery).

Bridgett said...

What beautiful cards!