Response To Mama Feoneafey's Comment

After I wrote my Indigo Child post, Mama Feoneafey commented on needing to find a way to do the scrolling button exchange. I got the HTML from Domestic Witch. She actually wrote a blog in response to one of my comments asking how to do it. You can check out her post here. However, here is the code if you want to just copy and paste from this post:

<marquee scrolldelay="100" behavior="scroll" direction="up" onmouseover="if (this.stop) { this.stop() }" scrollamount="3" onmouseout="if (this.start) { this.start() }" height="200"> Enter HTML Here </a></center></marquee>

Where it says Enter HTML Here just take the HTML from the buttons you want to add to your button exchange and put them in there. Copy and paste it into a gadget in your sidebar and you're in business!


MarZel said...

I still have to do this...I saw the code a long time ago and never got around to doing it...I am so busy.... but this is a good reminder to find the time and it looks good on your blog!! Cheers!

Willow Silverhorse said...

Thank you :D Glad I could be of service :D