Self Empowering Mondays: Do Something About It!

Okay, so far in the Self Empowering Mondays, I've talked about positive affirmations, and shared one of my personal meditations with you, so now I want to talk about regular things you can do as well. As I mentioned last week, if you have deeper issues that need to be handled with a professional please seek professional help. We'll discuss ways of handling the darker side later.

As for now, if you're down in a slump it's always good to get out and do something. Are you married with an infant, or a toddler, and have fallen into a romantic slump? Hire a babysitter, put on some makeup, and go out dancing, to dinner, or to a movie, whatever brings the spark back. Are you in school like me, and have fallen into a slump where you roll out of bed ten minutes before class and it takes you five minutes to walk there? Try taking one night where you can go out with friends, put on something drop dead gorgeous, and dance to your hearts content. Or try taking a weekend off where you do absolutely nothing, catch up on sleep, read a book that is unrelated to school work, watch tv until your brain turns to mush, just don't do anything that has to do with school for that weekend (except Sunday if you have homework due on Monday).

Just like when you're doing Spring Cleaning, it's always good to do Spring Cleaning on yourself. So you've been sitting around inside waiting for the warm weather to come back and now things are stuffy and you feel a little down. Take time to clean your house and work on getting the energy back to where it needs to be. Go out for walks and take in the beauty of nature reawakening around you. Maybe consider finding a yoga class to join. I always feel great after a wonderful night of dancing at the cowboy bar with Mr. Cup, Mr. Sci-fi, and whoever else will dance with me. Or try something Miss K does a lot, go out in your vehicle, turn on some of your favorite music and just jam out. Go wild and crazy, it doesn't matter what people are thinking about you, just jump up and down in the seat, scream the words at the top of your lungs, and enjoy it.

You can also set aside time to go outside and meditate. Do you have a favorite place that is comfortable and peaceful to you? Go to it once a day or a few times a week, and breathe in the atmosphere around you. Meditate for a while using one of your favorite meditations, and feel the balancing effect nature has on you. If you are lucky enough to be able to start a garden, work in your garden. There's nothing more fulfilling, calming, and balancing than working with the earth.

You can do spells, positive affirmations, and meditations until you turn blue but nothing is going to change in your life until you decide you want to do something about it. So this week, go out and do something about it. Try some of the things I've mentioned here or find things that make you happy. Until you start to learn that people do love you and that you are a wonderful part of this world, you'll always be down. Remember, many people may expect you do be many things, but I want you to be empowered!

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Dirgesinger said...

I absolutely agree! For me the way is to light candles, to burn incenses, to go out for strolls and talk to cats, dogs, birdies (and smile when other people who go by just look at me with those "s**t she is damn crazy" eyes) to read my favourite book over and over, or, watch movies that are either heart-wearming (like, for example Istvan the King which is about the foundation of the Hungarian Kingdom), or very funneh (Dracula dead and loving it). I have learnt to be alone and to be happy and to be absolutely content with this when my former boyfriend left me (was a rather messy situation). I learnt to discover myself, the world and the connections in between.