Why Do People Get Drunk And Fight?

Well, I survived the night at the bar. I cross my heart and promise that I only had one beer which was bought for me by a guy that goes to school here with us from Louisiana, we'll call him Mr. Cajun. Mr. Cajun is 24 years old, about 3 inches shorter than me and tiny, when he gets drunk he apparently thinks he's Casanova, and a billy bad ass all together. You can say ass on a pg-13 blog right?

Anyway, Mr. Cajun and Mr. Cup almost got into a fight over me and it's not what you think. I had asked Mr. Cup to dance because he is my only dance partner, I don't ask anyone else to dance. Mr. Cup may dance with a couple other girls, but I only dance with him. Last night I danced with one other guy twice that was very drunk and kept telling me he lives on a ranch and only comes to the bar once per month over and over. He even forgot my name as soon as I told him it. Anyway, back to the fight. Mr. Cup told me he didn't want to dance just yet because he was tired. I didn't blame him, we both had been dancing a lot. He'd had eight dances, four of which were mine.

So I tell Mr. Cup that it was okay, we'd just find another song later, no big deal. Mr. Cajun jumps up and grabs my hand, so I thought he was trying to get me to dance with him. Instead he pulls me off the bench I'm sitting on next to Mr. Cup and grabs Mr. Cup and tells him he needs to go dance with me. Both Mr. Cup and I tell him it's no big deal, we've already handled it, and we'll dance a little later. Well, even though we both told him it was fine, Mr. Cajun took it upon himself to tell Mr. Cup that he was being rude to me and that he was disrespecting me by not dancing with me the minute I asked.

Well, the next thing I know, Mr. Cajun is in Mr. Cup's face, yelling at him about not dancing with me. I have one hand on Mr. Cup's arm saying, "It's okay sweetheart, don't worry about it, it's not worth it," and another hand on Mr. Cajun's chest saying, "You need to calm down. We've already discussed it, it's no big deal, he's just tired." I'm shoving Mr. Cajun back, Mr. Cup is looking up at me with those eyes that tell me he's about to get up and go off. Then tiny Mr. Cajun decided to shove against my hand to try to get closer to Mr. Cup.

Mr. Cup did not like that at all and got up, despite me telling him I'm okay and it's nothing to get upset about. So now I'm standing between both of them, my hand still on Mr. Cup's arm, the other hand still on Mr. Cajun's chest. Now there are no more words, just those looks that people get in their eyes when their either going to kick someone's ass or have their ass handed to them. I start speaking low soothing words to Mr. Cup, handling him like I would a spooked horse, my hand stroking his cheek, his arm, all the time talking, talking, "It's okay sweetheart, calm down, it's not worth it, just let it go," low and calm. As I'm talking and working my hands, I slowly start moving Mr. Cup backwards away from Mr. Cajun. I'd almost succeeded then Mr. Cajun said and did something really stupid.

I had been completely focused on Mr. Cup because to be completely honest if anyone was going to lose it was going to be Mr. Cajun and I wanted to dissuade Mr. Cup from basically beating up a midget. I shouldn't have done that, I should have at least kept some of my attention on Mr. Cajun and not had my back to him but I always thought he was the kind of guy that wouldn't charge at someone with their back turned. Anyway, Mr. Cup is starting to calm down, he's still angry but that look is now almost completely gone, then right as I'm watching, the look slams right back into place, that's the only way I can explain it, just like BAM! Ass kickin' eyes. I turn to see what he's so angry about and Mr. Cajun is right behind me and about to hit Mr. Cup over my head screaming, "Bring it on mother effer," insert the correct bad word there, I'm pretty sure that one's unacceptable for a PG-13 blog.

Thankfully, some other guy came up and grabbed Mr. Cajun because I still had Mr. Cup and that stopped the fight altogether. However, I almost hit Mr. Cajun myself. Mr. Cajun should not have tried to hit Mr. Cup with me standing between them. In my eyes, that's disrespectful and cause for me to get into the fight too, instead of trying to stop it. Thankfully the guy that helped came in at just the right time and no one got hit.

A little while after the fight Mr. Cup apologized to me for it. I wasn't even mad at Mr. Cup. I also told him I almost hit Mr. Cajun myself, but then again, Mr. Cup knows I always have his back in any kind of fight. I told Mr. Cup if anyone needed to apologize to me it was Mr. Cajun. After that we were sitting on the bench, me between his legs, with my head on his knee, and I looked at him and told him that I really do love him and that I really am going to marry him one of these days. He said, "Yeah, one of these days," and I told him I was just trying to let him get his wildness out and he agreed there too. I just hope that he knows I was serious. But that was the craziness of my St. Patrick's Day.


Dirgesinger said...

Gosh, what a story. At least Mr. Cup knows how to behave and asked for forgiveness even if he did not have to. May I ask - if I am not rude or too indescreet - are You and Mr. Cup together? Just because this post seems to say that:) Sorry if I misundertood something:)

Willow Silverhorse said...

Oh it's perfectly fine Dirgesinger, Mr. Cup and I are not technically dating. He's free to take girls home with him from the bar, he's free to fight, free to go to his rodeos and ride his broncs and pick up buckle bunnies all he wants. But we do love each other and as far as I'm concerned we will eventually get married. The last part of last night consisted of us saying that we were going to get married one of these days. So, although our relationship is a little complicated, we do love each other, I'm just letting him get his wild cowboy out of him so when we do get married he can be the responsible cowboy I need.

Linda Medrano said...

Oh Sweetheart! Mr. Cup sounds dreamy but... do you think just maybe you should find a boyfriend who will be yours and yours alone? Great story! But I'm just sayin....

Dirgesinger said...

I was wondering that okay, though it seems a bit complicated, yes, I cannot be a judge for others' relationships and feelings, and if You are content with this kind of guy then he is for You, but to be honest, dear, I was wondering the same as Lisa. You seem to be a very deep, feeling-ful (is there such a word in English???) girl and though I am so very far from You, I am concerned that You might not be... respected as You deserve it? I am very sorry if I hurt You in any way and please let me know if I am a total idiot.

Willow Silverhorse said...

Don't worry Dirgesinger, you have not offended me in anyway, and I would never consider you an idiot. Personally I just float along my path, sometimes blindly, but I try to know what I'm doing to the best of my abilities. There has been one time that I've questioned the situation with Mr. Cup, and it was because there are some people here at school that don't understand him or me and I listened to them. I feel Mr. Cup and I will be together once he gets his wildness out, however for now I try not to worry about his um conquests. Our situation is hilarious at times, trying at other times, and sometimes just down right tiring, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am keeping my eyes open for potential dates, etc, Mr. Cup is not the only person on my plate just like I'm not his only person but we'll just have to see how things go.

Bridgett said...

Wow...sounds like Mr. Cajun had a bit too much to drink and a stick up his ass. LOL

Glad you're all okay.