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Well, I've done laundry today, I've played video games, and am about to do homework. I wish I could find something to do. I may go out to a picnic area here and take pictures of the night. If they don't come out right I'll be disappointed but at least I'll have tried right? There are three more days until the drawing for the giveaway. I fear I didn't set the draw date soon enough because to be completely honest, I almost forgot about it myself. Within the next three days I'll start writing down the names of everyone who has entered (with the multiple entries as well), but you still have time to put your name in the pot last minute. Stop by the fiftieth post and follow the rules outlined at the bottom to enter. I apologize for this first giveaway not running as smoothly as it could have but there are always problems when you're first learning anything.

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Jon said...

I've entered the contest! I think it's amazing!