Self Empowering Mondays: Dark Side Meditation

Linda dropped by yesterday to say happy Easter, and mentioned it was a time of rebirth. It got me thinking, you can't have rebirth without some sort of death, so for our Self Empowering Mondays post today I wanted to share another meditation I wrote. This meditation can be used during the waning moon (now lol), or during the dark of the moon. I think this meditation is fitting.

Because I don't use any tools, this meditation involves visualizing everything. Find a place where you will be alone and in complete darkness. Sit or lie comfortably and take a few deep breaths. Calm your mind, relax every muscle. Once you are completely calm visualize that you are seated at a comfortably used table. Behind you are a couple windows. Depending on the moon phase there may be little or no stars shining through the window. The cottage smells of herbs, burning wood, and incense. On the table in front of you is a black mirror standing on a mirror stand, and a candle placed so that it shines in the mirror but does not take over the entire mirror.

This place feels safe and comfortable to you, you know that nothing can hurt you here. Gaze into the mirror and repeat three times, "I see my darker side." Feel free to reword that if you need to. Stare into the mirror. Watch just above the flame. Images may start to appear. They may show up as a pictures, movie style visions, words, or just ideas. Allow each image to stay as long as it will, do not try to force it to stay longer. Once you get a clear idea on what it means to you, allow yourself to fully and completely accept it. Do this with each image until none appear anymore.

This is where the death part comes in. It is always good to accept your dark side. There is nothing wrong with it. There has to be dark for there to be light, bad for there to be good, etc. But, I'm betting you fear your darker side a little bit. People always fear the unknown. You think you can't understand it, it's socially unacceptable, so you push it to the back of your mind and never think about it. So, because you are sitting down and taking the time to understand and accept your dark side, you will not be afraid of it. It may be scary at first but the more you understand the less scary it will be. The death of your fear brings about the rebirth of you. You will understand yourself better, which in turn, will make you feel more empowered.

After you have assessed all the images, spend a little more time in your cottage and just breathe and feel the new emotions running through you. Come back to yourself by slowly breathing and counting down from 10 to 1 with each number bringing you one step closer to yourself. Once you are fully aware in your real room, write down your meditation and anything you learned from it. Use this meditation a few times until you get a good idea about your dark side, then use it once a month during the dark of the moon. Remember, many people may expect many different things from you, but I want you to be empowered!


Dirgesinger said...

That was wonderful! Thanks so much for giving justice to the darker side!:) I would name the mirror Mors Imperator... for He is the reflection in which You see all hidden, all feared, all seemingly dark and evil in its true form. That is why I count Him as a greater force than anything else.

Thanks again! This was really self-empowering!

Linda Medrano said...

This exercise is magical! And your directions and explanation of it is truly awesome! Dang, girl, you can write the damned paint off a wall! Plus, the subject is so fascinating. Thank you for sharing!

Willow Silverhorse said...

Lol thanks Linda, I really appreciate that. I don't consider myself the best writer on the planet but I do write a lot. I've worked on short stories, a couple of novels, and one or two of my poems were published. English is my major so I'm glad to hear that my education is paying off lol.

Willow Silverhorse said...

Dirge, I'm glad you enjoyed the meditation! I've always believed that just because something is dark and in shadows doesn't mean it's bad. Hopefully we'll get people to understand that :D