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So guys, yet again I left yall with one little post and promised all kinds and left again. But that's life lol... So for this post, I'm not making any promises whatsoever. I am here to say I've missed you guys so much. I have today all to myself and was reading through my emails and realized that I missed yall and my blog and everything. Since the death, life has kind of been just a one day at a time thing. Being on the internet included looking at my Facebook page, checking on my tv and internet bill, and logging off. That's boring, and since I miss you guys so much, I want to be back on my blog way more often. I'm not promising I will be, but I am saying I want to be which means I probably will be lol.

So I want to hear how you guys are doing. Today I have vowed that I will stay at this computer and read everyone's blogs and catch back up on what everyone has been up to. And, I'll tell you guys what I've been up to. In the last post, I was working as a waitress in town and was about to be promoted to shift leader. We had a new manager come in that was not a very nice man, he treated everyone up there like they were lower than dirt, so I quit that job. I am now working as a cashier in a convenience store here in town and I don't like it, but at the time it was the only job available. I'll keep looking for other jobs but for now this one is paying the bills.

I have met a guy that quickly became very important to me. After Gram died, I didn't want to date anyone, and as a natural consequence of wanting to be alone, I was inundated by males wanting something from me, mostly sexual somethings. However, one guy showed up in my life and while we were nice to each other and we hung out and stuff, neither one of us wanted a relationship at the time. We are now dating, and believe me, it's strange to hear myself say that because I've been single for over 3 years. We had our first kiss just the other night, and I have to say it is so nice to be in a relationship that is as simple as this one is right now.

In all the past relationships there was always pressure to be a certain way, act a certain way, have sex, be perfect, and with this guy all I have to be is me. He knows that I've studied Paganism, he knows that I am deeply "superstitious" and that I truly believe in magick, and he accepts me just the way I am, because he believes in magick as well. Its a breath of fresh air to be so utterly and completely accepted. Yall will probably be hearing about him a lot and I don't want to give him a made up name so from now on he'll be referred to as my boyfriend and the boyfriend.

Now, on to other things... I'm trying to find a smaller place to live. Currently I live in a 3 bedroom trailer house that costs $450 a month in rent. My landlady is insane. She came to my house after two weeks of me living here and told me a certain friend of mine (the boyfriend's cousin) could not come over to my house simply because she didn't like him. She told me if she caught that person on the property again "We would have issues," and to be honest with you, that ticked me off. I don't like being told how I can live my life, and I definitely don't like being told who I can and can't have in my house. On top of that, since the boyfriend's cousin doesn't have a criminal background that includes drug trafficking, it is illegal for her to tell me he can't be over here. Then a couple weeks ago, she left me a voicemail telling me she knew my water hose hasn't been uncoiled and that I have to water the lawn. First off, what the hell was she doing at my house, looking at my water hose? That's just creepy. Second off, it's been raining quite a lot here lately and I refuse to spend money on my water bill to water the yard when Mother Nature is doing it for me. I've done some research and legally I can get a restraining order against her, and I could sue her for her telling me that my boyfriend's cousin couldn't be over here. My solution: find a new house and keep from having too many issues.

Finding a new house is proving to be an issue though. There are a couple available but the options are a little stifling. There is a three bedroom house available with a large backyard but they want $500 a month for it. There's a one bedroom house for $350 a month with a $350 deposit. It has a large backyard and gorgeous hardwood floors but the backyard literally butts up to a major highway, and the owners seem to be very new to the rental world and don't seem to know what they can and can't do. And then there's another one bedroom house for $350 a month with a $100 deposit. It has a fair sized front yard, no backyard, and to get to it's parking you have to drive through the alley and it's off the alley, behind the house. I have no idea if I can get into the available parking with my truck, and there is someone currently living there.

Now I've gotten used to living in a three bedroom place, even though it is just me by myself, so moving to a one bedroom place seems like a little bit of a downer, especially if I'm only saving $100 and losing 2 bedrooms. But, saving $100 is definitely something I need to do lol. So I'm considering the one bedroom place with the front yard. Eventually I want to adopt a dog, and although the place with the backyard would seem like a good place for that, the fact that it butts up to a major highway is an area of concern because I don't really like the idea of a squished animal. So hopefully this place will work out for me. Yall keep your fingers crossed for me.

Yall are gonna laugh at me, but I am buying a washer and dryer from one of my friends here in town, and I am so excited about owning a washer and dryer. It makes me feel like a regular member of society lol. I'm buying them tomorrow and they'll install them tomorrow as well. I can't wait to wash my first load of clothes! Previously, I've been driving 11 miles out to the ranch to do laundry, and there have been many times when I've just had to wear my cleanest dirty clothes, or hand wash a couple things in the bathtub because I didn't have the gas to go out to the ranch. Owning my own washer and dryer is so exciting because I know I'll be able to do laundry whenever I need to! I'm sure most of yall are laughing at me for being this excited about a stupid washer and dryer, and that's fine, just know that I'm excited, that's all yall need to know lol.

Anyway, I'm going to end this post and clean my house. I'll be back on later and I might have more to write about. Again, I've missed yall a lot, and I'm not gonna promise that I'll be here all the time like I want, because that might not happen lol, but I will try to be on way more often than once a month. Love, light, and blessings to you all!

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