What is Mabon to Willow?

I've been catching up with everyone's blogs, in between spurts of cleaning my house (meaning my kitchen is clean but the living room and my bedroom could use some serious attention), and I realized that Mabon totally snuck up on me. All my life I've celebrated Mabon at Thanksgiving, but this year, I think I will shake things up and do things a little differently. To me, each holiday is a time for bettering yourself in one way or another, and I think Mabon should be all about balance.

Since Mabon is a holiday in between seasons it should be a time when you stop and look at your life (as should all the holidays and celebrations) and find a balance in things. Look for things that are dragging you down and try to cut them out of your life, then look at the things that are making your life better and try to find ways to make more time for them. Mabon is a time of thankfulness to me. Its a time to be thankful for the blessings in your life. This is not a time to look at the downers in your life and dwell on them, it's a time to look at everything that makes you happy and give thanks for them.

I think this year I will sit down by myself and write a list of all the things I am grateful for and leave an offering to Spirit for them. I'll also consider the things dragging me down and work on not focusing on them as much. Holidays are special to people in different ways, remember to not let the way other people celebrate them affect the way you want to celebrate them!

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