Book Swap 2010

This is something I am thinking about doing annually. So let me introduce the First Annual Book Swap at A College Witch's Experiences! I got this idea because I have a few books here at home that I am finished with and won't use anymore. Rather than doing another giveaway, I thought it would be funner to do a book swap. So today I will be making a page where you can post comments on books you would like to swap with someone. Leave an email address with your post, and when you find one you want to do just email each other and work out your swap! Share the button for this so everyone can join in the fun! I'll post it on the sidebar shortly!


Nydia said...

Count me in, Willow! That's a super idea, I can never get enough of good books!

I'd love to read more on Celtic lores, and anything witch-related that I haven't read yet!


Jon said...

What a great idea! You can count me in!