I'm A Green Kitchen Witch. I Am You.

Rebecca over at Bex's Hexes is starting a wonderful campaign. I am on board all the way! Check out the video from her blog that she uploaded:

I personally am all for this. While people are starting to open their eyes and understand witches a little better than they did before, as evidenced by the fact that I am still alive and my house has not been attacked by an angry horde of villagers lol, there are still many people that do not understand, and I truly believe that campaigns like this are going to be what helps people begin to understand even better. I wanted to join and participate in this so here is my campaign:

I am Willow Silverhorse, also known as Amber Hagy. I am a green kitchen witch. My magick comes from the earth, which I am deeply connected to, and I use my gifts to help heal the sick, comfort those that are upset, help heal conflicts, and make people feel at home in my home. I am a 22 year old woman who is involved in my community. I cook for my friends, I pick up trash off the sidewalks, out of the park, and off the side of the road, and I recycle. I am close with God and the Goddess, and I believe in Jesus' teachings. I pray on a daily basis. Sometimes I sit in my yard under my tree and just enjoy the energy I get from that tree. I love. I live. I care. I am a witch. I am you.

I bet you're wondering why I finally shared my real name with you. I have always truly believed that the best way to fight the misunderstanding between Pagans and Christians and the rest of the world and anyone who doesn't understand is to be open and honest. I've always been open with you guys, I've never hidden anything except my real identity, but I started thinking, "What kind of difference can I make if no one knows who I am?" So this is me, Amber, telling you who I am. I am a witch and I am just like you.


Faerie Sage said...

Thank you! This is so wonderful, I greatly appreciate that you can be so open and honest about your beliefs and the world in which we live. Kudos to you!

Hoi Sum said...

Yeah woohoo LOVE it Amber! You go girl! Thank you so much for participating in my campaign! You are right about the name thing too I was nervous to put my real name in the Youtube video because I am not out of the closet with my parents...but I can't have a campaign about people accepting witches if I am not honest about being one!

Thanks again!