For The Love Of Aprons

Hi my friends, I apologize for not being home the past couple of days. I've been rather lazy. I go to work, come home, and don't move from the couch, ever, until I have to go back to work lol. Today I don't have to go in til later so I thought I would take some time to just sit back and update my blog. So, first let me get some business out of the way. Brigit, I am so sorry for not responding quickly to you. That is entirely my fault and I promise it won't happen again. You should be hearing from Jenny soon about your $10 gift certificate to her shop.

Now, I want to talk to you guys about aprons. I love baking and I love cooking, but I've never owned an apron, minus my waitressing half apron, but I have been seeing lots of really cute aprons that I would love to call my own. The only question is, why should I buy them? I've found some absolutely gorgeous aprons, but my question is when would I ever wear them? And would I look like the weirdest person on the planet for wearing them since I am only 22? I mean of course I know the use of an apron, use it in the kitchen when you are cooking and baking to keep from messing up your clothes, but I look at these aprons that I think are oh so gorgeous and I wonder, would I rather get flour and such all over my old worn out t-shirts, or would I rather get flour and such all over these pretty aprons? Let me share with you some pics of some of the aprons I'm talking about.

For Halloween I love these four aprons. And knowing me I would use them year round because I always need a little something to remind me of Halloween throughout the year.

And for year round, I like these aprons. I love the red bird one, it's just so cute. The brown and yellow one at the top is cute, I like how they did the colors, but I'm not sure if I'm really into the pattern. And the middle one I like because it's green lol. I love green. I've had lots of aprons catch my eye just because they are green.

I actually used to loathe the idea of aprons. I always thought they were something grandmas wore and usually all I ever saw were the ugly shapeless aprons (i.e. bbq aprons that your drunk redneck father/uncle/cousin/whatever wore while barbecuing in the backyard). I now have fallen completely in love with aprons and would love to own a million of them. I just wish I knew when and if I would ever actually use them lol. So what are your opinions on aprons? When would you wear them? Do you have a favorite style?


Anonymous said...

I'm on the same page with you about the apron thing. I love them, but where do I use something so beautiful. Maybe a family gathering? I don't know lol. All these pics are beautiful.

Turkituck said...

My grandma used to wear little aprons/ housecoats all the time when she was at home. Not like she did a ton of cooking or baking all the time, but I think it was just convenient for her to have something on in case stuff got messy. She also kept ton of little odds and ends in the pockets (tissues, tape, a mini sewing kit, rubber bands, notes to herself) in case they were needed, and they usually were. It was convenient to have close at hand. Whenever she left the house, her aprons were hung right by the door.
With fall well underway and winter coming up fast, there's going to be a lot more cooking/cleaning/baking going on, so maybe having something fun and convenient to wear around the house would be a good idea. Now I'm inspired to get/make an apron XD

Miss Sugar said...

I'm 31 and I've had a major thing for Mad Men style housewifery (if you haven't seen it, omg you need to!) since I was about your age. My friends and family always just saw it as an eccentricity and I think they're happy that *someone* like to cook and be domestic in the family/circle of friends!

I will be getting this one shortly: http://www.etsy.com/listing/58891442/the-maggie-vintage-inspired-black-and

I plan on wearing it with these legwarmers: http://www.sockdreams.com/products/socks/leg-warmers/super-long-ribbed-leg-warmers

And leggings and some kind of top. :)

Dragonfly said...

Oh those aprons are so nice. I've got an old pinny that my mum made I use when cooking and a denim apron I love which I use for crafting in, as it's hard wearing if a bit paint splattered. Why do you need to look for a reason, if you love them thats enough. If nothing else it might help make housework a bit more fun.

Faerie Sage said...

I love these aprons! I personally like the ones that flair out (big hips & all) but I know what you mean about the whole getting them all mucked up, if I bought one would I just look at it?

Diandra said...

Those aprons are lovely! And why shouldn't you get one?

Last Sunday I was preparing a couple dinner for the BF and me, and it was lovely - except for all the flour on my house dress (I had been cooking Indian style and had made chapati bread, and it's rather messy.) Besides, I like the idea of special clothes for cooking to get into the right mindset... but then, I also light a candle when I cook... ^^

~*Gypsy*~ said...

Ha! I'm hosting an apron giveaway on my blog! How convienient!