The Winner of Agony's Decay Giveaway and Another Blog Award

Ok, sorry I'm late on announcing the winner of this giveaway. I got a new job and things have been a little crazy. Anyway, the winner of this giveaway is Brigit. Please fill out the winner's form within three days. Also, my friend Bex from Bex's Hexes gave me another blog award! I actually already have the award, but it never hurts to get it again! Thank you so much Bex!

The rules for this one is to accept it, link back to the person who gave it to me and thank them.
Pass it on to 15 other bloggers and contact them.

I would normally pick out 15 bloggers that I think need this, but I think all of my friends deserve this award. If you read my blog and you have a blog of your own, this award is for you! Grab it and have fun with it!


Jon said...


Birgit said...

Hi there,

I am not sure if you mean me... I am Birgit -- you wrote Brigit. Did a Brigit also participate? Hmmm... I will have to look through the comments.

Oh, it would be SO great if I won... :)

-- Birgit

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Brigit.
Hope you are enjoying your new job!
Congratulations to you as well.

Incipient Wings said...