Rainy Day Writing

It's cold and rainy in Texas today. The boyfriend and I had a long discussion this afternoon on his lunch break about a certain situation I've found myself in. Apparently Mar has a friend that has it pretty tough. It's a really long story that I don't even really understand myself so suffice it to say, she has asked if the guy can stay in my spare bedroom until she comes back from east Texas on Wednesday to pick him up.

This ultimately comes down to the trust between myself and Mar. I trust her enough to know she wouldn't ask me to keep a psycho in my house. So I discussed the situation with the boyfriend. No, he does not live in my house, and ultimately it's all up to me who I decide stays in my house, but because we are in a relationship and I respect him, I wasn't about to have him show up tonight for supper and a movie and surprise him with, "Oh honey, I forgot to tell you, this is Mar's friend. He's staying until Wednesday. Isn't that nice?"

I was worried about having this discussion with him because just last night we almost got into an argument about sleepovers. Why sleepovers? This is what happened.

The boyfriend - "Some girl I work with asked me if I wanted to have a sleepover with her and another woman."

Willow - "Oh that's nice honey." I tend to not freak out over things like that. Weird crap happens at the store he works at, and it's usually just really funny to me because I trust him and know he wouldn't be doing any stupid crap like that.

The boyfriend - "Oh yeah, I told her I was down for it and ready."

Willow - "Um okay, that's not a normal response babe." At this time I'm starting to wonder if he's lost his fricking mind.

The boyfriend - "Well yeah, I just told her I was ready for a sleepover, but at least now I know if I do go have a sleepover with a girl I should probably just not tell you."

Willow - "Excuse me? Get away from me. Stop touching me. What are you talking about IF you decide to have a sleepover with a girl. You shouldn't decide to have a sleepover with any girl except me."

This whole time he's laughing at me, watching me get angry, and I'm almost to the point of telling him to get the hell out of my house and DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YA WHERE THE GOOD LORD SPLIT YA BUDDY!

And then I realize something. We have not had a fight yet (yeah our relationship is that new), and he happened to mention the other day that he wanted to know what it would be like to fight with me just because he has never seen me mad. That little ass was just trying to pick a fight just for the hell of it!

Willow - "You ass, you're just trying to pick a fight. I can't believe you would say some dumb crap like that just to see how angry I would get."

The boyfriend - Laughing with this really dumb you caught me look on his face. "Your right babe. How do you always know when I've got something on my mind, when I'm just bullshitting, and when I'm being honest?"

Willow - "I'm an empath and a witch stupid. Do you really think you can pull the wool over my eyes?"

The boyfriend - "Can you blame me for trying?"

And that was how the mini fight went. Then this morning around midnight Mar calls me and asks if her friend can stay at my house. Does this sound familiar to any of you guys. Oh that's right, it's the same situation the boyfriend found himself in, only reversed! So I felt like the worst bitch of the west instead of the baddest bitch of the best and I was really not looking forward to telling the boyfriend that I would now be having a male sleeping in the spare room here in my home. Ain't karma a bitch?!

So I discussed the situation with the boyfriend on his lunch break. And Goddess bless him a million fold, that man was way more understanding about it than I thought he would be after we'd had that discussion about sleepovers. So in short, the boyfriend is amazingly understand. This witch? Not so much. So in order to stop feeling like the worst bitch of the west and start feeling like the baddest bitch of the best again I will be spending all day, sitting in my living room, computer on my lap, working on writing my book which I badly need to get back into writing. This may or may not be the last post of the day, depending on events unfolding.


Wendy said...

The first "fight/disagreement" is always interesting, isn't it? I think that is when I usually can tell if the relationship is strong or not. It sounds like you both communicated with honesty and humour..good for you :)

D.Suplicki said...

Your boyfriend and my husband should never, ever meet. He says silly things like that to get me going ALL the time, because he knows it's one of the very few ways to get a rise out of me. Their combined powers would be far too much to handle. Silly menfolk!