Wonderful Finds At The Dollar Store

My local dollar store has some of the cutest stuff out for Fall and Halloween. I wanted to share a couple of things I've bought already. There's one whole aisle that I could spend hours oohing and aahing at everything. So here's a couple pics of things I've found there to help with decorating my house. As most of you guys know, I recently moved into my own home and I started out with very little lol. This has been a learning experience to say the least. As a 22 year old non-professional working in the local work pool (which includes places like Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Sonic, and several convenience stores) and sometimes not working lol, I've learned to be smart and creative about how to decorate my home. Many things have been found (which I gladly took home and made my own), and many things have been given to me by mine and my mom's friends. Here are just a couple things I've found at the Dollar Store in the past couple of weeks. Hope you like them!

These were $1.50. I absolutely loved them and couldn't pass them up. Who wouldn't want pumpkin salt/pepper shakers?

This is a little pie plate that I found on the same aisle. It was $5 and has the recipe for pumpkin pie painted in it. I doubt I can bake in it but it is so cute and I had to have it.

I got the fake flowers on the same aisle as my pumpkin shakers and my pie plate. The canisters they are in were given to me by mine and my mom's friend. The color is kind of crappy in this picture but there are yellow, purple, and red flowers in the canisters. I promise it looks much prettier in person. The flowers came in a "bush" and had 6 flowers on each bush. I used my wire cutters and cut them apart so I could do this with them. The bushes were $1 each.

The Dollar Store can be an amazing place to find cute things like these. Soon me and Miss J are going into the city to find a Dollar Tree to find decorations for Halloween. I'll share everything I find with you guys.


Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

I can't believe that pie plate. I want one! Dollar stores can be great, mine also has a decent rotation of books.

mom68 said...

I am so glad you found the salt and pepper shakers and the pie plate they are very cute!!!! Glad you found a use for the flower thingies did not hav ea clue as what to do with them myself!! lol Oh by the way I have Gramms pumpkin pie receipe so if you want to try your hand at it let me know I will get it to you


Wandering Willow said...

Those are some sweet finds!!!! Don't you love that? Nice to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!