Your Perception of Beauty

I got into a bad mood early today. I wanted to lift myself up so guess what song I searched for in youtube to cheer me up... Oh you'll never guess, it's not a feel good song lol, so I'll just share it with you!

I watched this and thought about how I love the gothic beauty in it. I've always loved to see pictures of someone in all black with black and red makeup (as long as it's done right lol). I think it is so beautiful. Let me share some more pictures with you guys that I found through Google.

Here's another music video that I love the gothic elements in. I actually love the video mainly for the gothic elements. The song is amazing too but my favorite part of it is the music video lol. Youtube won't let me embed it so here's the link to it. If you guys know the song it's called Helena by My Chemical Romance. I especially love the girl who jumps out of the casket. She is so beautiful! But before you guys get to thinking that I only love gothic beauty here's some more pictures of the other types of beauty in my opinion.

These are all beautiful to me. Most of the looks I don't really have the back bone to pull off lol, but I've done the natural look, and I've done light, easy makeup with funky colored hair before. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys. If you would like you can share images of what you think is beautiful on the fan page, or you can just tell me what you think is beautiful in the comments. Thanks so much for reading! Brightest blessings!

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