I Hope Your Holiday's Were Happy!

Hi everyone, sorry I disappeared again. Things always get crazy around Christmas/Yule. I applaud all you guys that found time to post over the holidays. My holidays were wonderful. I spent it with my parents and my ex's family (not the jerk that called me a whore but my first love). Lots of things happened, some I should probably not talk about on my blog because I'm not sure how old all of my readers are and wouldn't want to give younger readers the wrong idea.

My first love is trying to convince me to move to California with him. I've visited California before but I've never been there for very long. However, I'm an adventurous person, and I know if I don't go I'll regret it for the rest of my life... so I'm moving to California with my first love! Now don't get too excited, I won't be moving for at least 2 years, I just thought I would share that decision with you guys. I'm scared and nervous, but I feel like this is a good decision. It's a new start for me, away from all of my family, and a chance to meet new people, and maybe get to know myself a little better. I revealed the plan to my dad and he thought I was crazy. He thought it was just another crazy plan I came up with to follow my first love wherever he goes, but even though I can't bear the idea of him moving to California and leaving me behind, this is also a decision based on what I need.

Anyway, I guess I'll tell you all what I got for Yule and you can tell me what you guys got. My parents got me a Nook from Barnes and Noble, T-Fal expert cook stainless steel copper core pots and pans, Mom crocheted some gorgeous pot holders for me (black, orange, and white), a cover for my new Nook, a beautiful green heart necklace, and my little brother got me this absolutely gorgeous prayer box necklace handmade from Tibet! In my stocking I got candy, beef jerky, and two different types of perfume. Oh and as a Yule gift to myself I got my lip pierced! It was awesome! My first love's family got me a pretty blue fuzzy blanket, and a gift set of Olay body was and lotion which included a free year subscription to Allure Magazine (one of my fave magazines!). Then my first love's mom turned around and regifted her gift that her mom gave her as a birthday gift to me (my birthday is January 23), it was a camo colored snuggie! First off I love camo, and I love snuggies so it was perfect!

I wish I could share the rest of my Yule with you guys because my first love gave me a wonderful gift, but it's probably inappropriate to talk about it lol. Anyway, I hope you're Yule/Christmas was wonderful. Many blessings to you all! Share you're Yule stories with me in the comments. Also, I'll have a book review coming up soon, I'm just waiting to get the book in the mail so I can read it. Also, out of sheer curiosity I'm adding a poll to the right side of my blog asking you you're age. I would really like it if you guys could answer it for me because I would really like to know the ages of my readers.

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Diandra said...

Seems you had a lovely holiday!

Mine was rather quiet... the BF went to see his family (he and his brother have this bachelor-christmas-and-killer-games thing), and I had decided to stay at home to guard the tree from the cats. I read a lot, watched some movies (and the complete first season of "The Walking Dead"), cooked some great meals the BF would not enjoy and went for long walks. I talked to my parents on the phone and wrote a few letters, and I slept. It was really refreshing, and I enjoyed it very much. Oh, and of course there were some gifts... three books (one by Rafik Schami, a Syrian author living in Germany, "The Satanic Verses" and the second volume of "Simon the Cat"), a fake petri dish with "GiantMicrobes" Sperm (not as disgusting as it sounds) and a heart-shaped locket with pictures of the BF and me. We look great. ^^

(The cats got another box of their favorite toys - irregularly shaped rubber balls - and special treats.)